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B2B Professionals frequently ask questions about how our b2b resource community works for them. Below are the most frequently asked questions and the answers about our services. We have also included FAQs from b2b professionals who opt in to receive our free business solution alerts.  

After reviewing the FAQ list below, if you still have additional questions, please contact us and we will get back to you with an answer promptly.


IndustryArchive.Org is a community of business-to-business, (B2B), professionals. If you are a B2B professional seeking high-quality information related to common and not so common business problems and their corresponding solutions across a wide spectrum of industries, you will enjoy visiting us regularly.

Benefits of IndustryArchive.Org

    • No site registration required
    • All our content is free
    • No banner ads, skyscrapers, pop-ups, pop-unders, interstitials, contests, or sweepstakes
    • Quickly find business solutions in the form of high-quality content like; Application Stories, Articles, Case Studies, Market Research, New Product/Service Profiles, Press Releases,nand White Papers

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No. There are no annoying ads or contests to distract your ability to find the serious business solutions you are seeking.


No. You do not need to register, give up or trade any of your private information to gain access to all our business solutions. At your option, as a Business Professional you can enhance your participation at IndustryArchive.Org by signing up to receive the following free privileges.

  • Custom Email Alerts - Receive customized email alerts of only business solutions in the business categories of interest to you when they become available at the site.

And, of course, your privacy is assured. We do not sell, rent or disclose your contact information without your approval. See our Privacy Policy.


No. We do not charge our Sponsors for posting business solution content on our website. We do require Sponsors who post content to follow our formats and guidelines to ensure the high-quality content standards we require. We review and approve all Sponsor posted content to assure compliance with our content guidelines.


Our service helps B2B Companies grow their business in five important ways.

1. Branding: We promote your company brand on a neutral, authority IndustryArchive.Org website dedicated to helping B2B professionals find quality business solutions. You can promote your brand through a Resource Listing, and post your business Events, New Products/Services, Job Board and Classifieds listings.

2. Thought Leadership: We showcase your best business-to-business business solutions through high-quality content to your B2B audience with Application Stories, Articles, Case Studies, Market Research, Press Releases, Product/Service Profiles and White Papers.

3. High-Quality Sales Leads: Our service generates high quality, ready–to-buy" business to business, verified, sales leads we call IntelliLeads

4. Website Authority: Our neutral third party site builds website authority with search engines when you post your high-quality content of Application Stories, Articles, Case Studies, Market Research, Press Releases, Product/Service Profiles and White Papers at IndustryArchive.Org.

5. Inbound Links: We provide relevant, inbound, contextual backlinks that drive targeted B2B traffic to your website. The number of these backlinks is solely dependent upon the amount of content you post on the site.


If you want to promote your b2b business at IndustryArchive.Org and start engaging b2b sales prospects before the decide to purchase get your Free B2B Resource Hub.
Yes. Business Professionals are interested in what other people say about a business before using it, and they like to spread the word about their own experiences. Businesses have always relied on this kind of word-of-mouth to get new customers; the only difference today is that it happens online. Ratings & reviews allow business professionals to give feedback, letting them know if they like what they’re doing and giving businesses a chance to respond with a comment.
Yes. Businesses listed on IndustryArchive.Org, you will receive email alerts whenever a new review about their business is published.
Yes. We moderate every review and comment before we publish them for civility & relevance.
Yes. Please contact us via email with the URL of the page with the inappropriate comment.
We’d love to hear from you if you find we’re missing a business you think should be represented. If you’re not the business owner, suggest a business at our Contact Us Page. If you are the business owner, list your business here.
Flag any duplicate listings with our Contact Us form and we’ll remove them as soon as possible.


Business Alert Users at IndustryArchive.Org have these Free User Privilages.

  • You can receive business email alerts notifying you of new business solutions that are of interest to you when they are posted at the site. You control the type of content you wish to receive by the category of business solution you are interested in receiving.

  • Update your business interest category & opt out of these email alerts at anytime

  • Tag Favorite Business Solution so that they are immediately available to you in your Business Alerts User Dashboard

  • You can write reviews & comment on the site

  • You can update your Contact Information and Password here also.
  • Answer:

    Sign up as a Business Alert User on the Home page under Seeking Business Solutions? Signing up to IndustryArchive.Org only takes a minute all you need is your email address & a Passwrd. Get Free Business Alerts Now!"


    Don’t worry; it happens to the best of us. You can reset your password by clicking the “Forgot your password?” link on the login screen.


    You can write a review if you are a registered User on any business you’ve used on IndustryArchive.Org. To write a review about a business you have previously interacted with, click on that business profile and write a review by clicking the “Write a Review" button.


    No one has acess to your Business Alert User Information. Any visitor to IndustryArchive.Org can read your reviews and comments that you post and view your name.


    It is used to provide services and communicate with you at the site. IndustryArchive.Org respects your privacy and will not give, sell, trade or share any of your personal information to any third parties. Please read our privacy policy for more information.