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Business-to-Business Industry Solutions

various business-to-business industriesvarious business-to-business industriesvarious business-to-business industriesvarious business-to-business industries


Our Mission

We are building a unique B2B Industry Solutions Community, one that respects B2B professionals whom both, buy and sell B2B products and services. Our philosophy of Internet Business and B2B Marketing is that Buyers and Sellers should respect each other. Our new community promotes this “golden rule” for a better Business-to-Business Web. 

This is not another buyer/seller portal looking to match or introduce buyers and sellers, god forbid. We have developed a business-to-business engagement platform that supports the way B2B buyers and sellers can now interact sensibly and respectfully using the Internet. 

Our approach is to offer a resource space that is: 

  • quiet (no ads)
  • respectful (no privacy invasion)
  • a comparative environment (no single opinion)

Here neither the loudest voice nor most intrusive seller holds sway. We serve those B2B professionals seeking industry solutions that prefer thoughtful and relevant voices from any size company. We are definitely an egalitarian approach that rewards substance over shouting.

What We Do? 

We facilitate B2B professionals finding viable business solutions and business partners based on the power of knowledge and problem/solution selling without registration or cost.

How We Help

Besides creating a safe, environment for B2B professionals, we make it easy to quickly discover relevant, high quality business solutions and information in the form of:

  • Application Stories
  • Articles
  • Case Studies
  • Market Research
  • New Products/Services Profiles
  • White Papers

We also know that business professionals are busy and hate to waste time. When using the Internet they just want to find quickly the information they want and return to their work. Therefore, we have incorporated a no-nonsense, comprehensive approach to how IndustryArchive.Org works for business professionals by including other useful business resources:

  • Free Events Listings 
    Promote your own B2B industry events and meetings. Gain industry knowledge or stay on top of important business topics in your industry. Locate local events, online events or possibly an event at a location you may be visiting in the near future. 

  • Free Job Board
    Find qualified talent for your company or a new business position; we can help.

  • Free New Product & Services
    Promote your new products or services to B2B professionals or discover the  latest products or services to stay abreast of the latest innovations in your industry.

  • Free Classifieds
    Sell your discontinued, distressed, overstocks, or irregular products or services or save money and find deals on great products or services.

Benefits for B2B Industry Professionals

IndustryArchive.Org is a community of business-to-business, (B2B), professionals. Professionals, who seek high-quality information related to common and not so common industry problems and their corresponding business-to-business solutions across a broad spectrum of B2B industries. 

The benefits to B2B professionals using our free service are many. Here are just a few of the problems we eliminate for serious professionals seeking serious business solutions.

  • We Make Finding Business Solutions Easy & Safe

    • No Registration Required

    • No Annoying Ads

    • No Relinquishing Your Privacy

  • We Eliminate Paying for Content 

    • All of Our Content Is Free

  • Save Time Searching for Solutions 

    • One Destination for Everything B2B 

If you would like to share your company's business-to-business solutions and highlight your firms' abilities to solve business problems, check out how your sponsor participation will benefit your company.  

How We Help

Find business solutions, grow your thought leadership and get B2B sales leads all in one smart place.


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