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JHAg A Division of the Jones-Hamilton Co.

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JHAg A Division of the Jones-Hamilton Co.
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About JHAg A Division of the Jones-Hamilton Co.

Jones-Hamilton Co. has been a leader in producing, packaging and distributing chemicals and compounds for a variety of customers and end users since 1951. Our products are sold to manufacturing, processing and agricultural end users in the U.S. and abroad. Our customers know that they can rely on Jones-Hamilton Co. to deliver high-quality chemicals efficiently and on time.

Long-Term Relationships, Long-Term Success

Founders and co-chairmen, J. Kern Hamilton and James H. Black, built the employee-owned company with the goal of providing high-quality chemicals backed by the best service possible. Their dedication to building a strong company is reflected in long-term customer relationships, employee ownership, teamwork and optimistic problem-solving.

We take great pride in our long-term customer relationships. These relationships are built on our thorough knowledge and understanding of our customer’s business needs and our ability to design products aimed at satisfying those specific needs. By matching our capabilities with customer needs, we are able to construct a mutual path to success.

In the Beginning

After being discharged from military service following World War II, company founders, Kern Hamilton and Jim Black, began selling agricultural and industrial process chemicals to various manufacturers. This led to the manufacture of sodium bisulfate (SBS) which was used in toilet bowl cleaners Vanish® and Sani-Flush®. SBS quickly became the core product of Jones-Hamilton Co.

SBS quickly gained strength in the marketplace as a dry, mineral acid that is very safe to use and capable of handling both simple and complex pH management requirements that are necessary for managing air and water environmental needs.

During the mid-1980s, Jones Hamilton began to explore the use of SBS to control the volatilization of ammonia in poultry litter. With a technically-oriented sales approach, the proprietary application of SBS, now named PLT® Poultry Litter Treatment, was introduced to growers and integrators as an easy-to-apply and affordable solution.

Ongoing research through numerous academic and private research institutions began to extend product applications of SBS to satisfy other needs in turkey production, broiler and turkey processing (SAS®), pH water treatment for water acidification (LS-PWT), dairy bedding and footbaths (ParlorPal) and animal feed (AFG). In all of these applications, the fundamental benefit is the management of air or water to improve the quality of the environment of the animal, usually expressed as the control of pH, or in the internal digestion of a feed ingredient.

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