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Our content marketing writing services use an intelligent method for reaching the buyers of your products or services in B2B markets. To develop business-to-business leads, we employ a unique combination of account based and customer-centric content marketing approaches that:    

  • Entice prospective customers to become informed about your products/services 
  • Allow B2B sales prospects to self-qualify themselves 
  • Provide "ready-to-buy" B2B sales leads
We do it all for you. No need to hire or manage freelance writers, in-house marketing writers or spend forever learning another content marketing platform.

1. Select Your Content Service Tier I or Tier II

Select  Tier I or II for the amount of content pieces you would like us to  create for you. Our writers will create the content and our in-house editors review it. You’ll receive a polished draft in 10 days. 

2. Review Your Content

While  we strive to get it right the first time, we know every content draft  may not be perfect, so we allow a reasonable number of revisions to  ensure your complete satisfaction.

3. We'll Publish Your Content & Begin Promoting It Immediately.

Once  you approve the content, we will post this content for you on your  Sponsor dashboard and we will begin immediately to promote it on social  media for you. This content is now yours and you own all the rights to  it.            

Let's Get Started Creating Your Lead Generating Content Now!

Just select the Content Creation Tier you would like us to produce for you.                

Content Marketing Service Options Available 

Tier One Content
Tier Two Content

Total Number of Content Pieces (4)

Total Number of Content Pieces (6)
You Will be Able to Choose Any of the Content Types Below
You Will be Able to Choose Tier I Content Types & (1) White Paper

Application Story - a particular kind of story explaining how a product or service is or might be used in a real life experience to solve customer problems - (1,000 words)

White Paper - an authoritative report whose purpose is to educate end users on a major industry topic or issue - (2,000 words)
Article - a non-fiction story or document that provides an independent viewpoint on a major industry topic or issue - (1,000 words)

Press Release- A press release must be about major company news or news regarding new products/services or newsworthy applications of your products or services. No personnel promotions or facility announcements are acceptable. Only press release topics that will inform and entice prospective clients to want to contact you are permissible. - (400-500 Words)

Product/Service Profile - a concise overview of product/service features and benefits - (1,000 words)



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