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business-to-business solutionsWe help companies to showcase their firms' B2B industry solutions, thought leadership and ability to solve business problems. To accomplish this goal, we provide B2B Buyers relevant information in an environment they want to find business solutions.

What Do B2B Buyers Want? 

They want relevant, quality content that provides insights and solutions to solving everyday business problems. Our neutral, unbiased platform allows B2B professionals the opportunity to learn about how your company solves real-world business problems without any sales hype which they don't want.

What You Want?

You want to reach and engage your B2B sales prospects before they decide on a purchase. Better yet, sales prospects should want to contact you! Best of all, you only want to pay for sales leads that you  decide are right for you. Industry Archive delivers all these benefits and more.

How We Help 

We offer an ingenious method for reaching the "real buyers" of your products or services in B2B target markets. To develop business-to-business marketing leads, we employ a unique B2B content marketing concept that:

  1. Entices prospective customers to become informed about your products or services 
  2. Educates them in a non-sales hype way understand how you can solve their problems
  3. Facilitates serious B2B sales prospects to self-qualify themselves & contact you
  4. Sends you B.A.N.T. quality B2B Sales Leads without risk that you decide to purchase or not purchase

We begin with enticing you /content-marketing r sales prospects with the business content B2B Buyers search for every day.

B2B Industry Solution Content Buyers Seek

Application Story
An application story for our purposes is non-fiction or fiction narrative to convey how one business in a particular situation, (market, business, context), goes about identifying and solving a business-to-business problem by using knowledge, specific products/services and the favorable results that achieved.

A piece of writing where the author shares relevant, timely or useful information in the forms of a report, personal account, non-fiction story, write-up, review, or commentary regarding the business topics of the day in specific industries.

Case Study
An analytical study of a business unit where data collected over a period is then analyzed, and conclusions can be drawn. A case study is not a story, but a data-driven study that allows for extrapolating conclusions from the analysis of the data examined.

Market Research
Data collection, analysis and report on business-to-business client behavior, products, services, markets, companies, and industries.

Product/Service Profile
A short article describes and informs about the key aspects of a business-to-business product or service.

Press Release
A press release must be about either a major company news or news regarding new products/services or newsworthy applications of your goods and/or services no personnel promotions are acceptable. We are seeking press releases that will inform and entice prospective clients to want to contact you.

White Paper
A document that helps solve a business problem that is important to your target audience. It needs to:

  • Explain why the problem needs to addressing
  • Provide objective analysis and thorough, informative content 
  • Discuss solution alternatives 
  • Logically guide the reader to the conclusion that your company has the know-how, skills and tools to resolve their problem  

How To Create Business Content?

There are three options for creating your content.

  1. You can create your content using our system from your Sponsor dashboard upon login.
  2. Your in-house staff or external PR agency can convert existing content or create new content for you.
  3. IndustryArchive.Org will create or adapt existing content you have using our Writing Services for you and post them on your behalf.

Want to engage B2B Buyers before they identify vendors to help them solve their business problem or worse make a purchase decision?

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