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How to Work Smarter, Not Harder &
Get Quality B2B Sales Leads

By: Robert Hennessey

How to Work Smarter, Not Harder & <br> Get Quality B2B Sales Leads

In trying to generate B2B sales leads most people are getting weary about the next sure-fire, cannot miss marketing solution, does this include you? Believe me; you are not alone.

Every new marketing tool on the Internet promises to deliver the best way to target and capture the B2B sales leads for your products or services. All you need to do is fork over $2,000 to 50,000 per month and learn a whole new automation platform. Then all you have to do is:

  • regularly monitor the data 
  • develop three to six different persona types 
  • create enough content to cover all your persona types 
  • produce different product or service issues in five to ten vertical markets 
  • distribute your content by one of a dozen ways to capture more data to engage a sales prospect maybe, eventually

Whew, I am tired just explaining about these simple, easy automation tools.

How tired are you about doing trials to learn about them, learning how to use them, and then using 6-10 of these tools all the time? Now there is a whole new generation of automation tools coming to market around the latest iteration for mining social networks for building your sales pipeline. Yeah, I can't wait.

What Kind of B2B Sales Lead Platform Do You Want?

We know there is a better way. Better for you the marketer and a lot better for your B2B sales prospects. Best of all it relatively simple, easy and you do not pay unless you are satisfied with the outcome. The result delivered is a B.A.N.T. verified engagement lead that is expecting you to contact them. If you are interested in such a service, we will outline in 5 steps how you can achieve your marketing goals and a customer acquisition cost that is among the lowest.

We are going to outline the specific steps that will help you generate B2B sales leads that are better than standard B.A.N.T. leads.

There is always a lot of conversation among B2B professionals about which social platform is best for business. Some say it is LinkedIn, others Twitter or Facebook. We think the best business platform depends on what your goals are for using such a platform it in the first place. Here are common reasons business people give about using these platforms.


  • Building long-term business relationships
  • Network within your industry
  • Posting & finding jobs


  • News source
  • Content sharing
  • Free and open to the public


  • Build customer relationships 
  • Content sharing 
  • Facebook ads

A Dedicated B2B Sales Lead Engagement Platform

IndustryArchive.Org is a new platform and as such does not have the traffic yet of the big three above but is built exclusively for one purpose B2B engagement.

  1. Helps B2B professionals get solutions to business problems 
  2. No registration required or privacy invasion to gain access to business solutions 
  3. Showcases business solutions for free to establish thought leadership, subject matter expertise & a business solutions reputation 
  4. Generate verified B2B Sales leads with no risk, pay only upon your approval

Consequently, the best part of this platform is its ease of use without any training required to begin engaging B2B professionals fast.

What B2B Buyers Want

Recent studies tell us that B2B Web marketing has changed with over 70% of Buyers using generic searches to find business solutions to their problems. Additionally, Buyers are already 60% on the way to a decision before they contact a Seller. Why is this important?

This search information is critical because it tells us that Buyers are not searching for companies but business solutions. Therefore, it is imperative that Sellers get their business solutions in front of Buyers where they are searching or second chances to engage maybe unlikely.

So why do you need to participate at IndustryArchive.Org? Because it is a neutral, unbiased engagement platform that facilitates B2B professionals finding viable business solutions and trading partners based on the power of knowledge and problem solution selling. You remember problem solution selling this is how you sell B2B prospects.

As a result, B2B Buyers can learn about your business solutions in an environment with no registration, no ads, and without having to exchange their privacy for content. This type of no-hassle environment immediately raises the Buyer's positive perception of the company that posts content here.

Are you ready to start experiencing what you want on a business platform, customer engagement? Here is how you get started, and another benefit of IndustryArchive.Org is there is no signing up for a trial necessary. You can post your business solutions free now!

B2B Sales Leads the Smarter Way

First of all, the action you want to take is to think about the business solutions that you provide your best existing customers. How you solved problems for your current clients will inform you of the best topics that will attract similar potential customers.

Don't have any customers, not a problem. You can create a typical customer and create content that showcases your business solution.

Step Two: Gather Any Existing Business Content

If you have existing business-to-business content in the form of:

  • Application Stories
  • Articles 
  • Case Studies 
  • Market Research 
  • New Product/Service Profiles 
  • Press Releases (about products or services only) 
  • White Papers

The types of content above are exactly what your B2B sales lead prospects are looking to find to evaluate solutions to their business problems.

Do not have any existing business content or need to update or revise what you have, no problem. We will create new and update or revise your content and even post it at IndustryArchive.Org for you.

Step Three: Post Your Business Solution at IndustryArchive.Org

Step Four: Let IndustryArchive.Org Promote Your Business Solutions

Once your business solution is live on IndustryArchive.Org, the following promotional activities are set in motion. To assist in gaining visibility for your content IndustryArchive.Org:

  • Tweets your business solution using our neutral, unbiased authority website platform several times a month 
  • Posts your business solution on our Facebook page 
  • Posts your business solution to our Google+ page 
  • Sends email alerts to B2B professionals that have asked to receive information on specifies business categories of interest to them like your business solution
  • Promotes your content in their newsletter to B2B professionals

Step Five: Evaluate Your Sales Leads

IndustryArchive.Org sales leads include the following:

  • Human, phone verified contact information 
  • Title of the person requesting contact 
  • Title of the Business Solution viewed 
  • Specific product or service interest 
  • Problem needing resolution 
  • A preferred method and daytime of contact 
  • The timing of the need

Finally, and best of all, you pay only for performance with IndustryArchive.Org. You get to decide if you want to buy any sales leads. And, you never pay for just name captures or email addresses, plus..."Just Send Literature" Sales Leads Are FREE!

In Summary

The goal is to entice engagement with your prospects who will then ask you to contact them. To meet this goal you showcase how you have helped others like them with the same or similar business problem. The more relevant problem/solution content you create in the markets you serve will produce a flow of serious sales prospects with real needs that are ready to buy. Hence, this is it. The effective and easy way to generate engagement marketing that produces sales prospects that want to talk to you.

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