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Posted by Sino Cement Spare Parts Supplier Co Ltd on 05/19/2020 in Material Handling

Side Cantilever Stacker for Material Handling


China side cantilever provides custom side cantilever stacker for material handling, various stacking and reclaiming methods.
General Information
The side cantilever stacker is widely used in material handling sector in heavy industry production line, such as cement, coal, electric power, metallurgical, steel, chemical plant. The side cantilever stackers are functioned to achieve pre-homogenizing effect of materials for better production quality. The side cantilever stacker processes chevron stacking method which can distributing kinds of materials with different chemical or physical properties in the stockyard. Fixed-arm side cantilever stacker and rotating side cantilever stacker can be designed and manufacturing base on technical requirements from end users.

Basic Structure
Side cantilever stacker mainly consists walking mechanism, feeding dolly, cantilever stacker, breadth control hydraulic system, control room, etc.

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