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Posted by DNW Diaper Production Line Manufacturer Co Ltd on 05/20/2020 in Machinery

Full Servo High Speed Panty Liner Making Machine


China full servo high speed : full servo high speed panty liner making machine, automatic running, reliable performance.
Technical Parameters
◎Designed speed: 150M/min.
◎Running speed: 2000pcs/min.
◎Qualified rate: 99.99 % ( The rate is compared with qualified products with gross output products within 7.5 hours).
◎Efficiency: ≥98% ( based on 7.5 hours, practical productivity and theory productivity).
◎Installed capacity: 120kw (including glue machine).
◎Practical capacity: 90kw. Breaker: 400A.
◎Electric power supply: three-phase & four-wire 380V/50HZ (ground wire).
◎Electric wire: 3x70mm2+1x35mm2+1x16mm2.
◎Color: silver (according to order).
◎Lowest barometric pressure: 6kg/cm2.
◎The lowest air pressure: >0.6Mpa, 1.8m3/min, 22kw (to be reference).
◎Total weight: about 35T.
◎Noise: <70db (A).
◎Machine size: 14x6x3 M (LxWxH).
◎Working size: 18x10x4 M (LxWxH) (including outer attached equipment).
◎Container: 2x40HQ +1x20GP.

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