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B2B Content Marketing

Entice, Inform & Convince Sales Prospects to Contact You

B2B Content Marketing Tell Them Your StoryB2B Content Marketing

Our proprietary B2B content marketing method entices informs and convinces sales prospects to request a contact or voluntary meeting. IndustryArchive.Org Content Marketing comprises specific customer-centric content types, (see below). These content types we assemble into proprietary content marketing modules that excel in delivering "ready-to-buy" business-to-business sales leads we call IntelliLeadsTM

We utilize a customer-centric method of serving customer needs first with expert advice or information, often presented in a problem/solution format while showcasing the role the sponsor’s products or services play in solving customer problems.

IndustryArchive B2B Content Marketing features proven customer-centric, sales content methodologies wrapped in a neutral, viewer-centric communications message that:

  1. Entice prospective customers to become interested in your company

  2. Inform prospects with your high-quality problem/solution marketing content

  3. Convince prospects to request a contact or meeting voluntarily

B2B Content Marketing Types That Engage Buyers

The types of b2b content you can create or we can create for you are:

  • Application Stories - a particular kind of story explaining how a product or service is or might be used in a real life experience to solve customer problems

  • Article - a non-fiction story or document that provides an independent viewpoint on a major industry topic or issue

  • Case Study - the collection and presentation of specific experiences or situations, a “case” developed over time through detailed, in-depth data collection involving multiple sources of information. Case studies are usually the preferred communication strategy when how, or why questions need answers.

  • Market Research - the presentation of data gathered and evaluated regarding market potential, brand, new products/services or customer preferences for products and services

  • Press Release - A press release must be about either major company news or news regarding new products/services or newsworthy applications of your products or services no personnel promotions are acceptable. Only press release topics that will inform and entice prospective clients to want to contact you.

  • Product/Service Profile - a concise overview of product/service features and benefits

  • White Paper - an authoritative report whose purpose is to educate end users on a major industry topic or issue

How Do I Create B2B Marketing Content?

There are three options for creating your marketing content.

  1. You can begin posting your existing content as a D-I-Y option using our easy text editor upon free sign-up from your B2B Resource Hub dashboard.

  2. IndustryArchive will create new customer-centric marketing content  for you and post it on your behalf. We offer two b2b content marketing creation options.

  3. IndustryArchive will rewrite any existing b2b content into our formats designed to engage buyers of your products/services by combining account-based and customer-centric content for you and post on your B2B Resource Hub. 

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