TPx Communications 11/09/2018

What is MSx and Why Should You Choose TPx As Your Managed Service Provider?

6 out of 10 small companies go out of business within six months of a cyber-attack. Do you have a solid business continuity plan? TPx helps small and mid-size businesses create stable and secure IT environment by providing state of the art, reliable technology services they can customize and afford. Our solutions and services help you manage SD-WAN, Firewall, Office 365, Datacenters, Endpoints, and Backups. Choose TPx and our top industry experts will be at your disposal to ensure your business is running smoothly and securely. With over 80,000 customer locations across the country and nearly two decades of industry-leading customer service focus, TPx has more than 15 years of uninterrupted growth.

TPx Communications is the premier managed services provider, redefining the way enterprises grow, compete and communicate.  TPx’s unified communications managed IT services, continuity and connectivity solutions all work together to “reach a higher state of connectedness” – with customers, employees, clients, suppliers, locations, applications and more.

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