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Cheever Specialty Paper & Film

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Paper Industry Cost of Holding Inventory Calculation

How to calculate, evaluate and understand the costs associated with holding physical inventory. Over 90% of the time when working with our customers, the concern around how to...

What Is Specialty Paper & Why Is It Special?

A specialty paper primer on market size, product characteristics and attributes, & end-user applications of specialty papers. With so many variations of paper to choose from,...

Release Liners - Not Just Trash
You Throw Away

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Customer Inventory Management Program Reduces Inventory Holding Cost

Cheever Specialty Paper & Film, Inc. a global provider of specialty paper, film, and tape products announces a new inventory management program for its customers.Want to reduce...

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The Cheever Specialty Paper Dimensions & Weights Conversion Chart

An easy and fast way to convert paper dimensions and weights. At Cheever Specialty Paper & Film we are always looking...

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About Cheever Specialty Paper & Film

For more than 75 years Cheever has been supplying Specialty Paper, Film, and Tape for our customers. We have customers in the following industries: Automotive, Building & Construction, Farming & Agriculture, Food & Beverages, Graphic & Photographic, Home & Personal Care and Medical. Within all these industries we are holding our customers' Inventory as well. At Cheever, we have the industry knowledge and longevity to logistically and smartly partner with you to help you find that special piece of Paper, Film or tape for whatever industry you excel in.

Our mission is always to add value to our goods and services by working to achieve our customer goals. Our deliverable is high-quality specialty paper, film and tape products that improve our customer’s products and packaging delivered on time. Plus, with our Customer Hold Inventory Program, you not only get your product same day or within 2 days, we can hold your inventory for 30, 60, 90 or 120 days eliminating your Inventory carrying costs. We invite you to look around at the specialty products we offer or call us to receive a technical consultation on a specific problem you are seeking to solve.

We have a saying around Cheever - “Trust but Verify” - meaning yes Trust us, but hold us to high standards and Verify we have lived up to what we promised. We wouldn’t want it any other way.


Release Paper, Release Film, OPP Film, Specialty Paper, Glassine, Kraft Paper, Linerboard, SBS Board, Butcher Paper, Freezer Paper, Greaseproof Paper, Foil Paper, Polycoated Paper, Quilon Paper, Transfer, Parchment, SCK Paper, Bleached Kraft, Waxed Paper, and Polypropylene Film

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