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8 Attributes Defining B2B Versus B2C Markets

Defining b2b versus b2c markets is imperative to understanding the fundamental marketing approaches necessary to achieve business goals. There are a lot of differences between...

Ten Questions to Ask Regarding Your Content Marketing Assets

Is your B2B content marketing working?Only 30% of B2B marketers say their organizations are effective at content marketing, down from 38% last year. *By getting answers to these ten...

What Is the Secret to B2B Marketing? It’s the Message Stupid

Is your b2b marketing message serving your needs or the needs of your potential customer?The failure to understand the importance of your b2b marketing communications message and poor...

How to Build a Winning Business Distribution Strategy

Beginning the process of creating a business distribution strategy will provide the basis for making an informed decision on a host of critical strategic business decisions. The early...

How to Get B2B Sales Prospects Without Risk!

The role B2B sales lead prospecting plays in helping a B2B manufacturer expand sales into a new industry market. Executive Brief An international P-O-P display manufacturer...

How to Move Your B2B Business to the Cloud

Deciding to move your b2b business to the cloud can be a difficult one. There are a lot of factors to consider, and it's not always easy to know what is the best option for your...

B2B Discount Pricing Methods that Work

B2B Promotional/discount pricing methods that work used by b2b businesses selling consultative products and services to other companies. Promotional & discount pricing used in...

When Is a Low Pricing Strategy Good for Your Business?

Can a Low Pricing Strategy Help Your Business? A low pricing strategy is used too often and by too many businesses. Many businesses think that having the lowest price in...

The Top 5 Supply Chain Management Problems Impacting B2B Sales and How to Fix Them

Supply chain management problems can have a significant impact on business-to-business (B2B) sales. Many supply chain issues can lead to lost sales and decreased profits. If you are...

How to Write Website Content that Converts B2B Prospects

Writing business-to-business website content that is useful is critical to converting B2B site visitors into leads and customers. We all know that B2B professionals go to the...

6 B2B Pricing Guidelines Boost B2B Profitability

In this article, we will discuss 6 b2b pricing guidelines that will help you boost your b2b profitability! Charging the right price for your b2b products and services is essential...

5 Ways Pay-for-Performance Qualified B2B Sales Leads Increase Lead Gen ROI

How to Increase Marketing ROI & Sales with Qualified B2B Sales LeadsAccording to a recent study, pay-for-performance B2B sales leads produce a significantly higher ROI for marketers...

B2B Marketing Content Gating vs Not Gating How to Evaluate

Evaluating b2b marketing content gating vs. not gating is important if you want to serve the needs of your prospective customers and generate b2b sales leads. The Internet has...

Comparing B2B Versus B2C Marketing

Comparing B2B versus B2C marketing is important when choosing the most effective marketing approach for your business. Many of us don't think about the differences between B2B...

9 Amazing Customer-Centric Tips for B2B Marketing Success

Customer-centric marketing although until recently less espoused is the ideal marketing strategy for business-to-business marketing. It is essential to businesses whose goal is to...

How to Create a Resource Hub & Get Qualified B2B Sales Leads

I.  IntroductionWhat now?If you’re like many B2B marketers that may be what you’ve been asking yourself since implementing your latest marketing plan. So how do we...

Why You Need to Display Prices On Your Website

The Debate Over Displaying Price Don't Display Prices Display Prices We don’t want our competitors to knowour pricing?Establishes you as a market leader causing...

How to Produce a Profitable Bottom Line with a Proven Pricing Strategy

Evaluating business-to-business pricing strategy options will help you formulate a successful pricing plan that will produce a profitable bottom line.Your business pricing strategy...

How to Determine How Big Your B2B Target Market Is

Do you know how to determine the size of your B2B target market?You may be surprised that the actual addressable size of your target audience is considerably less than you may have...

What Is a Business-to-Business Sales Lead?

What is the type of business-to-business sales lead required for your business to grow? A lot of people will tell you there are a lot of different definitions of what constitutes a...

What is a B2B Sales Lead?

We know what a B2B sales lead is not. It is not:  A name and email address  Contact information purchased from a mailing list company  Someone who might be interested...

7 Surefire B2B Pricing Methods Drive Profits

The following are proven business pricing methods used in many types of business-to-business industries to produce profitable sales. There are also specific pricing strategies for...

Market Alignment - What Is It & Why You Need It

Failing in aligning the marketing message with your target audience is the primary reason why most B2B sales lead prospecting campaigns fail.Why because market alignment is the...

How to Get B.A.N.T. Quality B2B Sales Leads

Infographic - A Content Marketing Platform That Drives Buyer Engagement & B.A.N.T. Quality LeadsContent Marketing that is Easy & Affordable!We bring B2B buyers to you.No...

How to Evaluate Your Marketing Campaign

Here is an easy way to evaluate your next marketing campaign, establish goals, identify your audience and analyze options before you spend any money. Before you rush out to waste...

Want To Know The Best Kept B2B Marketing Secret?

The B2B Marketing Sales Lead Secret Customer-centric marketing is the best-kept secret for selling consultative products or services and generating B2B sales leads. Before we...

Business-to-Business Sales Prospecting 5 Best Practices Tips

Sales prospecting is very challenging, here are 5 sales prospecting best practices tips to help you meet your sales goals.With caller ID and voicemail, the telephone has lost its prominence...

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How Do You Measure Sales Lead Success?

How Do You Measure Sales Lead Success?

B2B sales lead generation problems are often the result of a shot gun approach to marketing using the Internet. Lots of “sales leads” generated but normally of poor quality...

How Sellers Reach B2B Buyers

How Sellers Reach B2B Buyers

Reach B2B Buyers before they decide on suppliers or make a purchase decision.Get Verified, B.A.N.T. Quality B2B Sales Leads with No Risk - ...

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Pay-For Performance B2B Marketing

Press Release - PHILADELPHIA, PA (PRWEB)  IndustryArchive.Org announces a new way for B2B companies to promote their products and services with Pay-For-Performance B2B Marketing. B2B...

B2B Professionals Now In Charge of Web Intention Economy

Press Release - PHILADELPHIA, PA (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 7, 2017 A haven for B2B professionals seeking relevant business solutions IndustryArchive.Org launches a resource community based...

Maximizing B2B Demand Engagement in a New Internet Marketing Reality

Press Release - PHILADELPHIA, PA (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 15, 2017 IndustryArchive.Org is a new business engagement platform that helps B2B Buyers engage Sellers before buying decisions...