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About Sales Empowerment Group

We started Sales Empowerment Group in 2009 with one question in mind: How do we help businesses increase sales and top-line revenue?

That simple question inspired us to examine the sales process, and we identified three key areas to help organizations grow sales.

  • Hiring the right sales professionals. 
  • Finding effective sales structure and workflow. 
  • Leveraging technology to analyze and track results.

Our mission is to accelerate growth by providing immediate, high-impact revenue-generating services to our clients.

About Our Services

Sales Empowerment Group offers standalone and integrated service options customized around each client’s needs. Every service is designed to bring clients closer toward achieving — and then surpassing — their sales goals. As a sales human capital consultancy, we bring a breadth and depth of expertise that no other company provides. Our distinctive offerings help clients accelerate revenue growth quickly, and often, dramatically.

Interim VP of Sales Program

Our Interim VP of Sales Program places top-performing sales leaders within a client sales team. For a period of 6 to 24 months, clients will benefit from the Interim VP’s insight as they analyze areas of improvement, along with affirming areas where you’re already doing things well. From this unique perspective, our sales leadership team will execute strategies and inject growth into the company. This service option is ideal for companies with sales departments in transition, companies where growth has stagnated, and/or companies that need time to find or nurture the right person to fill the Sales VP position internally.

Sales Consulting – Company Services

Our staff of sales consultants developed a methodology that our executive team uses to evaluate sales teams. Our executive team’s knowledge, combined with our proven methodology, is designed to pinpoint strengths and more fully leverage them, as well identify areas of weakness and correct them, sometimes even transforming them into strengths.

Sales Incubators

We also offer a sale rep incubator through our sister company, Sales University Group. We recruit, train, and onboard inside sales professionals for you. Their roles are designed to improve lead generation and appointment setting to make sure that the sales pipeline never dries up. Lead generation and appointment setting are part art and part science; our team of sales incubator professionals are groomed with the most up-to-date skills training and technology. After the incubation period of 6-18 months, you can hire the groomed sales rep directly for your company.

Sales Technology Services

Most organizations have technology in place, such as a CRM platform and a company LinkedIn presence. However, many of these companies are using only a fraction of the functionality, and thus miss out on enormous opportunities to gain sales process efficiencies, capture and track leads more effectively, cross-sell and up-sell, access functional reporting, and improve customer retention. Our sales technology services are designed to train organizations to generate more sales in every way possible.

Sales Recruiting – Firm Services

We offer professional sales recruiting services to place top sales talent. Organizations have trusted us to help shape their sales team by selecting top talent that fits their specific needs and requirements. Sales recruiting can be a laborious, detailed, and sometimes exasperating task. By shouldering the burden of sales recruiting, we free up time for our clients to focus on other critical sales activities — the added focus in and of itself fuels sales growth for many of our clients.

Proven Sales Growth Results

We frequently establish long-term partnerships with our clients because they trust us year after year to help improve sales. It’s rewarding to watch our clients grow and prosper! Our services have helped put many clients on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in the United States.

We Walk Our Talk!

Not only have our clients made the Inc. 5000 list, but Sales Empowerment Group has made the list, too. We’re very proud to be one of the fastest-growing companies in 2015. We’ve been able to accomplish this by listening to our clients and helping them effectively achieve their goals. When our clients succeed, we succeed.

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