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The Near Shore Manufacturing Solution

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About NovaLink

NovaLink is a best-in-class, outsourcing solution for domestic and international manufacturers seeking to relocate or initiate operations in a low-cost labor environment with proximity to the U.S. The company has facilities in the border towns of Brownsville, Texas, and Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico. 

Our near-shore contract manufacturing services are the ideal solution for all companies looking to reduce costs associated with manufacturing from large, blue-chip corporations with brand name labels to the small and medium-sized companies that have limited financial and human resources to effect a near-shore or offshore manufacturing platform

NovaLink has a host of solutions and services, refined by almost 30 years of serving clients, that makes manufacturing in Mexico an easy and seamless solution.  NovaLink has the capacity to manage the entire process of relocating a customer’s manufacturing operations and services, to a low-cost labor environment with the support of strong management, integrated systems, and world-class facilities.


Shelter Manufacturing, Start-Up Management, Contract Manufacturing, Distribution & Warehousing, Full-Service Manufacturing, Customs and Logistics, Manufacturing Communities, and Client Support

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