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11 Loyalty-Driving Tactics for Better B2B Customer Retention

Customer loyalty in B2B is a tricky beast.What comes to mind when customer loyalty is mentioned? Points, stamp cards, promos, exclusives, tiers.Rings like a B2C bell, right?Well, it...

How IT Solutions and Service Providers Help Their Customers

For years, IT solution providers have been touting how a company can benefit financially from software-as-a-service and other IT software solutions. Industry Week lists twelve advantages...

Personalization Is Crucial in B2B Sales – Here’s Why

The business-to-business sales spiral is a seductive metaphor, implying that a wide net of potential customers will somehow plummet into a sale as if gravitation pulled them there.Unfortunately,...

6 Major Differences Between
B2C vs B2B Sales Strategies

One of the most crucial aspects of your is to come up with an on-target sales strategy. Your B2B B2C strategy is a make or break. You may have the best talkers, presenters and deal...

Putting IT on the Business Scorecard: Key KPIs for CIOs

In most companies, IT Departments have always been a bit like “the distant cousin” who knows how to fix the washing machine. Their very existence is only remembered when...

Always Ensure IT Support and Services from Responsible Company for your Business

Call centers run on information technology. While most businesses today need technology to thrive, call centers are one of the few business entities that simply can’t function...

7 Ways to Accelerate your B2B Sales Cycles

The numbers in a typical B2B sales cycle are daunting. Imagine taking an average of 84 days to convert leads into opportunities. Then, it’s another 18 days to work these out...

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Tenfold Culture

Tenfold Culture

Tenfold allows you to capture 100% of your customer conversations. We use your existing business applications and business communications systems....

Natively Integrate Leading Communication Platforms with Your CRM, ERP, or Helpdesk Applications

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About Tenfold

How many times have you called a business and quickly become frustrated? Providing your account number over and over again. Long silences while the rep looks up basic information. It’s an everyday stressor that’s outdated and unnecessary. It’s also why we started Tenfold.

Our software enables businesses to have better customer conversations. When you talk to a company using Tenfold, the rep has all your relevant information right in front of them, in one place. The important details about you are no longer hidden from the person trying to serve you. Best of all, it works in real-time and behind the scenes. Our mission is to put bad customer service out of business, on the phone or wherever it may hide.

Tenfold allows you to capture 100% of your customer conversations. We use your existing business applications and business communications systems.

  • Capture higher integrity data by automatically capturing all customer conversations

  • Measurably increase the productivity of your customer-facing employees

  • Improve the Customer Experience at the moment of interaction

  • Leverage your existing IT infrastructure

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