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Mobile Ordering App


Web Dashboard Features For Merchants 

No development, No waiting for months

Order Dashboard 

Access all orders and product inquiries from a single dashboard. View new orders as they come in, track orders through the stages of fulfillment, transfer orders to other branches and much more.

Products & Catalogs 

Create unlimited digital catalogs, add products to catalogs, manage product descriptions, images and pricing, export catalogs for printing, share catalogs through social media.


Edit store profile, manage delivery and pickup options, enable payment gateways and manage payment options, configure taxation and currency settings.

User Management 

Activities like adding, viewing and editing user can be done easily The merchant can search for staff, activate/inactivate staff from the back-end.

Running Product Discounts & Offers 

Running discount schemes like lucky draw, promo-codes etc. on various categories

App Marketing 

Promote your app via SMS as well as push notifications

Visit Cygneto Mobile Ordering App for more details. 

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