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The IndustryArchive marketing Resource Hub showcases problem/solution content your buyers are looking to find & transforms B2B buyers into customers.

Most companies have a blog but many are not kept up to date on a regular basis, and some companies have no blog at all. And while blogs are still used to display your expertise and views on time-sensitive topics there is another communication format best suited to showcase your strategic and thought leadership messages. It is usually a collaborative  engagement platform where buyers congregate freely. Welcome the solution that can solve your blogging woes or just need a more affordable B2B content marketing solution to generate B.A.N.T. quality leads.     

What Is an IndustryArchive Resource Hub?

Built for B2B companies our marketing Resource Hub puts the value of your quality business content front and center for your buyers. A Resource Hub properly populated will provide buyers with a chosen handful of your best content on industry topics that are relevant and useful on how you solve business problems that matter most to your target audience. Buyers will easily access your marketing solutions, and convert to B.A.N.T. quality B2B sales leads all in one place. 

Consider your Resource Hub as the lobby of your marketing HQ. It provides a safe place without annoying ads or other distractions that invite buyers to come in and become immersed in the issues and solutions your company offers to their business problems. By offering a variety of content solution types, articles, case studies, white papers, and videos you can be sure that your solutions to their business problems are available in the format that is most comfortable for them. Having several business solution types will also increase the amount of time each buyer will spend with your company becoming informed on how you can help them.     

Better than a blog that often deals with a multitude of subjects, your Resource Hub is laser-focused on delivering the problem/solution content your buyers are looking to find. And, unlike a blog only requires 4 to 8 pieces of content to produce rather than having to feed the blog monster with its insatiable appetite for more and more content. No more feeling the pressure to get another blog done.     

So what is an IndustryArchive Resource Hub? We like to think of it as your customized B2B Engagement Platform that showcases your know-how and transforms buyers into customers.

How Resource Hubs Engage Buyers Better

What makes a Resource Hub different than a blog or your website to communicate your most important marketing messages?

  • Blogs feature content based on time and the latest trends.

  • Websites rely on navigation that users must decipher to find what they are seeking. Also, many B2B websites still gate their marketing content that drives potential customers away that do not want to trade their privacy for content that may be irrelevant.

  • Resource Hubs like ours are customer-centric with the best content that is meant to help buyers find solutions immediately and accessible in various format choices all in one place. Best of all there sole purpose is to generate sales leads.
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