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inOrbit 17

inOrbit 17

Red Orbit d.o.o. presents inOrbit 17
Brdo pri Kranju congress centre Predoslje 39 4000, Brdo pri Kranju Slovena

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inOrbit started off as a small series of educational events with mostly local speakers. Thanks to a lot of enthusiasm of people involved it quickly outgrew small lecture halls and became a one day event with 300 attendees 3 years ago. Last year it grew to almost 500 attendees, 2 days and 20 international speakers. It moved from a cinema theater in Ljubljana to one of the finest congress venues Slovenia has to offer – Brdo pri Kranju. 

This year we’re going back to last year’s venue and we’re keeping those part of the conference people liked. The rest we’ve thrown out, redesigned and added some new things as well. 

Make sure you check in with us regularly as we will be posting additional information, case study presentation and other activities that will be available at inOrbit 2017. 

Contact Information

Tel. 00386 590 75 680


Time: Everyday 9:00-17:00

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