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Best Practices to Grow Service Contract Sales

Best Practices to Grow Service Contract Sales


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Join us for a live interactive Webinar hosted by Mize 

“Best Practices to Grow Service Contract Sales” 

July 13th, 2017 at 1:00 PM EDT – 2:00 PM EDT.

During this Webinar presented by leading Industry experts, you will learn about:

  • Trends and State of Service Contracts Industry
  • Strategies that companies can pursue to increase Service Contract attach & renewal rates
  • Software capabilities to optimize Service Contracts Management

During this Webinar, Michael Blumberg will present the results of a major ground-breaking benchmarking study conducted by Blumberg Advisory Group in conjunction with G35 Software among field service managers and warranty professionals who influence, recommend or make decisions about extended warranty and extended service programs.

The webinar will examine

  • The strategies that companies can pursue to increase extended warranty attach and renewal rates,
  • Various elements of the service marketing mix (e.g., pricing, portfolio, terms & conditions, etc.) help or hinder key performance indicators

Benchmark data comparing industry average to best in class performance

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About Michael R. Blumberg 

President, Blumberg Advisory Group, Inc

Michael R. Blumberg is a recognized expert in Field Service, Warranty Management, and Reverse Logistics in High-Technology industry. Michael’s thought leadership and strategic leadership has positively enhanced the profitability of many organizations across varied industries such as IT, Energy & Automation, Telecommunication, Medical Electronics, Banking, Retail and Consumer Electronics.

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