Getting & Managing Client Referrals & Reviews

We Make Referring Your Business Free & Easy

Increase customer lifetime value and accelerate sales with the power of your customer advocates. Using the IndustryArchive engagement platform will inspire your customers to stay longer, share their experiences, and attract new business.

Why Seek Out Referrals & Reviews for Your Business

To educate the market, respond directly to customers. And identify and engage with qualified in-market buyers.

1.     84% of B2B decision makers start the buying process with a referral. (Source: IDC)

2.     You are 4.2 times more likely to get an appointment if you have a personal connection with a buyer. (Source: Sales Benchmark Index)

3.     Referral leads convert 30% better than leads that are generated from all other marketing channels. (Source: R&G Technologies)

4.     Referred customers have a 16% higher lifetime value. (Source: Journal of Marketing)

Types of Referrals

•    Business-Referrals

This type of referral should focus on the specifics of why someone should do business with your company. Think reputation & characteristics like, honesty, integrity, easy to work with, industry knowledge, etc.

•    Product & Service-Reviews

These referrals can come from anybody, customers, suppliers, industry  authorities & influencers (trade magazine editors, social media  people)

Obtaining business referrals and product or service reviews was time consuming, difficult and sometimes costly. IndustryArchive.Org changes all that with a free and easy way to obtain B2B professional reviews that help promote your business from the mouths of your best customers.

Here’s How It Works

1.    Showcase you best business solutions on IndustryArchive.Org. add link

2.    Then within your dashboard you can invite your best customers to leave a review of your products or services or a referral for your company.


3.    Engage new sales prospects the same way with your best business solutions. The key is quality not quantity of business solutions to promote. New sales prospects will learn how you solve business problems that they are looking to resolve. You will have the opportunity to engage with new prospects & respond directly to their comments and questions.

IndustryArchive.Org will manage the approval and rejection process for all reviews published on the website. We will insure all reviews are unbiased and unfiltered as well as, appropriate, meet our civility standards and are void of spam.

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