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The Critical Importance Of Lead Validation
In Internet Marketing

By: Aaron Wittersheim

The Critical Importance Of Lead Validation <br> In Internet Marketing
Aaron Wittersheim is COO of StraightNorthAs a general rule, B2B company websites are underperforming assets, generating far fewer sales leads than they could be.A major shortcoming of B2B online lead generation marketing: failure to validate leads. As you will see in the slide presentation below, lead validation transforms ho-hum SEO and PPC campaigns into productive, steam-gathering lead generation offensives.  Lead validation is important because about half of all website conversions — phone inquiries and form submissions — are something other than sales leads. Typical online marketing data collection and reporting are limited to conversion data, which is inflated and hazy. As a result, campaign productivity is greatly overstated and worse, campaign testing is seriously flawed. Poor testing is the root cause of stagnant, underperforming campaigns.

For a full picture of lead validation and its importance, review the slide presentation now:

Aaron Wittersheim is Chief Operating Officer at Internet marketing agency Straight North.

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