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B2B Versus B2C Marketing

By: Robert Hennessey

B2B Versus B2C Marketing

What they mean for small business B2B marketing and B2B sales lead generation success. 

Most small business marketing experience and understanding comes from large corporations selling their products or services to consumers. This is B2C, or business to consumer marketing. After all, we are all bombarded by this type of B2C direct marketing every day by American Express, Capital One, and Verizon, etc…Telling us what we need or want.

Ninety-nine percent of all companies and individuals market their products and services based on this big business form of B2C marketing. Why, because it is what we have all been exposed too and then we mimic it and apply to our small business marketing situation rightly or wrongly. However, when you are attempting to sell to other businesses consultative products or services, this is the wrong approach.

The marketing approach that big corporations employ in selling to consumers, we refer to as capabilities and capacities. They say we have this capability or this capacity to __________, fill in the blank. What does this mean? It means that most people cannot wait to tell you what they can do for you. Even though they don’t even know, what it is you need and they don’t care, they just want you to buy what they are selling.

Most business-to-business marketing and selling approaches are also, either capability/capacity or a derivative called information selling, which is let me educate on why you should buy from me. I’m smart, and I know what you need, therefore you’re not, that is why I know best, and you should buy from me.

Often described as consultative, because it seeks to educate prospective customers about their problems and the solutions they can provide. Neither of these approaches comes close to addressing the heart of small business B2B marketing. Learn the simple selling truth, the reason someone buys from one person versus another is based on building relationships, not the product or service they sell.

B2B Marketing versus B2C Marketing

B2B customers do not want to buy based on what you have to sell no matter what your features, benefits, or because it’s on sale now. Fooling them into buying something they don’t want or need may result in a one-time sale, but does not create a loyal customer.

Long-term, loyal B2B customers buy based on the power of a relationship you forge or don’t form with them. Things like creditability, trust, integrity, and putting your client first are essential. The best marketing approach for creating lasting B2B customer relationships is customer-centric marketing.

Learning how to communicate with your B2B sales prospects is crucial to building initial rapport that will set the stage for your ability to meet with your potential customers and solidify your relationship that will culminate in a sale and long-term client relationship. Sending a B2B marketing message perfectly aligned with your prospects needs is the first step in achieving your B2B sales prospecting goals.

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