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HealthSparq 10/16/2018

What the F#%* is Wrong with Health Care?


We all know health care is a hot mess. Everybody has had a frustrating, ridiculous, silly or annoying experience with the industry. We started #whatthehealthcare to hear your stories and help your voice be heard -- and because we share your pain. It’s not just about complaining; it's about making a change for the better. Our inaugural #whatthehealthcare video is for those of us who've tried to find out the cost of a procedure in the doctor's office, over the phone, or even by fax. We’re frustrated, you’re frustrated and it needs to get better. So, let’s laugh about it, talk about it, and start to drive change!

At HealthSparq, we help people to make smarter healthcare choices by partnering with health plans to provide members with cost and quality information about doctors, hospitals and medical services, based on their individual benefits. We put people at the core of everything we do by conducting continuous usability testing, eliciting consumer feedback to enhance product development, hosting industry panels featuring everyday people, and bringing human stories to the forefront through our #WhatTheHealthCare campaign. Using these insights, we create solutions to help people understand and navigate the health care system better than ever before.

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