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Veeco Instruments 09/07/2018

Veeco PSP WaferStorm Animation

WaferStorm®  is a solvent-based platform, available in customizable configurations. TSV Cleaner, Metal Lifter, and Thick Film Remover are three examples. All WaferStorm systems are based on Veeco's unique ImmJET™ technology, which provides improved performance at lower cost of ownership than conventional wet-bench-only or spray-only approaches. The process combines equal soak time in the wet buffer tank for each wafer, followed by spray, and then a final step depending on the process being performed. This unique combination minimizes both spray time and chemistry use, and adds a significant level of control during wafer processing. The reduction in spray time results in increased throughput.

The Precision Surface Processing (PSP) WaferStorm® System platform provides wafer processing solutions for advanced packaging applications.

Veeco designs, manufactures and markets thin film process equipment that enables high-tech electronic device production and development all over the world. Veeco’s proven metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD), molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), lithography, laser spike annealing, laser melt, ion beam etch/deposition (IBE/IBD), single-wafer etch and clean technologies play an integral role in producing LEDs for solid-state lighting and displays and in the fabrication of power electronics, photonics, optics and advanced semiconductor devices. The company also offers solutions to the semiconductor wafer inspection market that leverages proprietary coherent gradient sensing (CGS) technology, and provides atomic layer deposition (ALD) tools to leading research organizations and universities worldwide.

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