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Encision Inc 10/29/2018

Is Your Hospital Losing Millions This Year from CMS?


Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) have a new pay for performance program, the Hospital-Acquired Condition (HAC) Reduction Program. This program is penalizing $371 million from 721 hospitals, in 2015 alone, with new penalties coming each year.

Learn how to reduce your hospital's surgical complications and readmissions, improve your HAC score, and avoid future penalties with Encision's Active Electrode Monitoring (AEM) System. The AEM EndoShield(R) Burn Protection System eliminates surgical complications from stray energy burns, improving patient outcomes and reducing a hospital's financial risk.

Encision is the producer of shielded Active Electrode Monitoring (AEM(R)) Laparoscopic Instruments and Monitors. The new AEM EndoShield™ Burn Protection System is a plug and play smart cord that is the hub of the system and interfaces with AEM instruments, offering best of class surgical performance and the Encision Guarantee to eliminate stray energy burns.

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