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Industrial Accessories Company 09/26/2017

IAC Silo Capabilities

A complete overview of Industrial Accessories Company's industrial silo and bulk material storage capabilities.

IAC solutions for dry bulk solids can provide a design and installation that optimizes the performance of each component while maximizing product storage, conveyance, yield, and flexibility. Our designs focus on ease of maintenance, dust control, and high percent uptime.

IAC designs and manufactures our own line of dry particulate collectors for process and nuisance dust control at bulk materials processing plants and mines. With recent changes in OSHA regulations concerning respirable silica, upgrades and additions to plant air pollution control (APC) components will become necessary for many of these industries.

With more than 30 years of industry-leading experience, IAC is expert in the processing and bulk material handling industries. Our personnel has experience in nearly every bulk processing environment including aggregates, frac sand, ethanol, grain and feed, food and beverages, plastics and their processing; and have provided engineering, construction and equipment to the cement, coal, foundry, and steel processing industries as well.

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