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Why Small Businesses Should Use The Cloud

By: Steve Johnson

Why Small Businesses Should Use The Cloud

Small businesses need to be leaner and meaner than their larger competitors if they want to have any hope of carving a niche for themselves in the marketplace. That often means adopting and adapting to the newest technology before the big guys deem it worth the risk for them to use. One of the most recent examples of small businesses being on the cutting edge of technology and gaining an edge over big business in the process is cloud computing. By switching to the cloud, a significant number of small businesses have nearly doubled their profits and seen their revenues grow by about 25 percent.

There are numerous reasons why adopting the cloud for their IT operations gives small businesses an edge over their larger competitors. First and foremost, it eliminates the need for them to spend precious capital on expensive server hardware. Because the cloud removes the need for on-site servers and IT professionals to manage them, small businesses can devote more of their resources to other areas that will serve their growth more effectively.

Another way in which the cloud benefits small business is through automatic updates of software and security. With their IT infrastructure housed in the cloud, small businesses don’t have to worry about keeping up with security upgrades and ensuring all of their software is up to date. Most cloud subscriptions include software updates and renewals, taking the burden of those responsibilities off small businesses’ plates and allowing them to focus on their core business.

By keeping sensitive information in a central location and off individual devices, cloud computing provides small businesses with added security they might not have in a traditional IT infrastructure. Small businesses also can use the cloud to power their connectivity with mobile devices, making their operations more flexible and agile without sacrificing security.

Additionally, cloud computing has the potential to give a small business a competitive edge by removing some of the boundaries in the way of collaboration. By giving team members the ability to access, edit and share information virtually anywhere, cloud computing means a small business never has to stop working, which is crucial for any organization fighting an uphill battle against a larger competitor.

The cloud represents a new way to build an IT infrastructure and is one that small businesses can harness as a serious competitive advantage. Review the following guide and learn how the cloud can work to your small business’s advantage and help you gain ground on your big-time competition.

Steve Johnson is President of Maryland Computer Service and has been helping businesses harness the power of technology for nearly 20 years. His experiences during that time make him uniquely qualified to guide small and medium businesses through the technologies of today into the future.

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