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Using 3D Animations As A Sales Tool

By: Nic Wiederhold

Using 3D Animations As A Sales Tool

3D Animation helps sales personnel make an impression to conquer competition & close sales faster. Learn how 3D captivates and how it can work for you. 

Unless your company is a monopoly, your salespeople will face competition. One of the downsides to that is that sometimes having the best product isn’t enough; the better presentation instead lands your prospect’s business — and your company walks away empty-handed. 

That’s why providing your sales folks with the tools to put on captivating presentations is a great business practice. Uniqueness counts, and 3D animations not only are cutting-edge but also can be customized to create sales presentation content in unique ways limited only by your team’s imagination. 

Videos have been all the rage but already are becoming ubiquitous if created with standard production techniques. The use of 3D animation can be incorporated into videos to set them apart, but these wonders also can be used for still illustrations. Another benefit of using 3D animation is its multichannel deliverability: Post your creation as a slideshow, upload it to social networking sites, or attach it to emails for your prospects. Make an impression. 

Here are several examples of ways your salespeople can use 3D animations to conquer competition and close deals. These methods also are outlined in the accompanying infographic. You can present it next time your sales team meets to plan strategy. 

Clarify Complexity 

The breakthrough device your company created is not only complex but also minuscule. When it comes to illustrating how the whole concept works, a jumble of jargon in a speech can’t match a 3D image that can be magnified to any scale. 


The moving parts inside your new contraption aren’t visible when you pass the prototype around. With 3D animations, you can provide visuals of the interior mechanisms in action. 

No Prototype, No Problem 

Speaking of prototypes, setting up production for a new device before it has generated any interest could prove to be a costly investment. In the absence of a prototype, 3D animation can be used to demonstrate what the device or other product can do, and how it functions. 

Engineering Check 

Collecting customer feedback during the design phase and before full production can pay off if it’s determined there’s a need for adjustments. A 3D animation presented to customers at various development stages makes this possible. 

No Real Patients Required 

The patients who serve as examples of how well a new medical device or cosmetic product works are not going to accompany your salespeople on presentations. The next-best thing is to detail these advances with 3D animations. The close-ups that can be created can only help. 

Wow ’Em 

Many a blockbuster movie would sag without the special effects. When the “wow” factor supplements the solid content of your presentation, it could be the tiebreaker that earns your salespeople a new deal. 

Sight Becomes Insight 

Prospects learning about your product for the first time might not be able to visualize its benefits or uses. If you can visualize these — in any form — your visions can be turned into 3D animated images to get the message across. 

No Boundaries 

If a product is best pitched with an imaginary character or a fictitious setting, 3D animations are up to the task. A historical figure can help sell an update to a time-tested product, for instance. 

Personalize a Pitch 

Any ideal presentation with an individual prospect includes a segment designed to appeal specifically to that target. Using 3D animation, your company can create a different storyline for each audience. 

The Cool Factor 

A presentation featuring 3D animations includes a built-in message: It tells your prospect that your company is modern, in touch with technological advances, and intelligent and adaptable enough to make good use of them. 

Memorable Mascot 

If your company sells quality products, built-in branding can only help. Create a likable character, give it any imaginable trait that you want to be associated with your product, and watch the attachment between this mascot and your prospects grow over time — building trust into your sales presentations in the process. 

Nic Wiederhold is the owner of Ghost Productions, a 3D medical animation company that creates animations to help explain complex new procedures and products.

This infographic was created by Ghost Productions.

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