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Ultimate Guide to Background Checks

By: Christian Moore

Ultimate Guide to Background Checks

More so than having the best products, having the best people is essential for success in the world of business. Without top-notch employees to deliver service to your customers with professionalism and integrity, a superior product won’t mean nearly as much.

Just as your customer's likely research before determining you have the best product(s) for them, you need to research to learn which job candidates are the best people to help your business succeed. Even though you may feel as though your hiring process is strong enough to identify the best people for your company, there are some things an interview can’t tell you about an applicant. Precisely because an interview does not always turn up critical information is why a background check is an essential component of your hiring process.

Background checks need to be part of your company’s due diligence when hiring someone. A background check can provide relevant information about a job candidate that may give you context or shed new light on what he or she said during the interview process.

It’s vital that employers understand how background checks work and what kind of information they can expect to receive. For example, you may not have access to certain types of information depending on your location/state. Information such as military service records and medical histories may require the job applicant’s permission before you can access them, depending on local laws.

Employers also need to be aware of how job candidates can dispute the findings of a background check. Mistakes are possible, and if a candidate feels the results of a background check are erroneous, the employer may be responsible for rectifying the discrepancies. Being aware of the job candidate’s rights can make it easier to deal with fallout should any such disputes arise.

People are your business’s most important resource, which means you need to hire the best people. Background checks are an essential tool for employers who want to know everything they can about potential job candidates. Therefore, to know more about what background checks can do for assuring you hire the best people for your organization, consult the infographic below.

The Ultimate Guide To Background Checks created by Global Verification Network

Author bio: Christian Moore is COO at Global Verification Network. He has more than 20 years of investigative and business experience with competencies including surveillance, competitive intelligence, pre-employment and course-of-employment background screening.

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