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How to Write Website Content that Converts B2B Prospects

By: Robert Hennessey

How to Write Website Content that Converts B2B Prospects

Writing business-to-business website content that is useful is critical to converting B2B site visitors into leads and customers. 

We all know that B2B professionals go to the Web to find solutions to their business problems today. Business professionals are no longer waiting around for a salesperson to contact them and say, “Hey, I have a solution to your problem.” In fact, most business professionals now prefer to gather their knowledge on a problem before meeting with a salesperson.

Many businesses claim they have a solution to your business problem. But rarely do they know what the current priority of business problems is because they are guessing so someone will talk to them.

The marketing communications assignment must always center on business content that converts.

Thus, as business marketers, our job is to provide customer-centric, problem/solution marketing content on our websites. Not sales copy telling visitors how great your product or company. If you are doing that, you are wasting your time and money to get B2B sales leads from your website.

Begin by understanding the critical problems of your target audience. If you don’t know these problem issues, ask a lot of probing questions to understand your customers’ real issues. Assume nothing and seek to gain insight into all the concerns of your potential customer, explicit and implied.

Business-to-business sales prospects are also evaluating you and your competitors. The Web makes it easy for them to perform business comparisons easier than ever before. So, to have business-to-business content that will be effective in convincing your website visitors that they should contact your company, your marketing content must address the following.

Let’s take a closer look at three principles of website content that will foster sales conversions.

The First Principle – Overcoming Buyer Anxiety

The first element to understand in writing useful business-to-business website content is the primary focus of your communications message. It must reduce the mental stress that business people, deal with to make a decision. We all experience the same fear to a lesser or greater degree in our everyday lives.

Making decisions is not easy. In fact, it creates a lot of stress for many people. And for everyone, the stress levels are higher when the choice you make could affect your business or livelihood. Buyer anxiety that is not managed or ignored can lead to outright buyer fear.

Helping your potential buyer with content that provides examples of how others have benefited from your association is best received when you tell a story that allows your visitor to relax and learn at the same time. It is a must to talk with, interview or surveys your best existing customers because they will provide the key talking points you will want to convey to others about the customer’s struggles in the purchase process, not yours.

Contrast this is to web content that says let me tell you everything we do and how great we are to be your supplier. Too little substance will leave your visitor scratching their head about what problem can you help them solve. Remember not would you can do but how you benefit visitors is the paramount message to convey.

The process of overcoming buyer anxiety requires a thoughtful examination and introspective look at your primary marketing message, your value proposition. A value proposition that is lacking in any of the following attributes can drive your inability to convert website visitors into interested sales prospects that want to talk or meet with you.

Second Principle – Put Value in Your Value Proposition

Constructing a proper value proposition will address the need for alleviating buyer anxiety. Here are four essential ingredients in a compelling value proposition that will reduce buyer anxiety.

  • Your value proposition must convey credibility to a potential buyer
  • The value you purport must have meaningful appeal and be relevant to your sales prospects 
  • The more exclusive the claims made in your value proposition, the better 
  • The easier it is to understand your value proposition the more effective it is in reinforcing all the preceding elements

Understanding how vital your value proposition is to your prospective customers is crucial to mitigating buyer anxiety and so increasing your sales opportunities to connect with buyers.

Buyer anxiety and fear are clear when your marketing communications put your potential customers on the defensive or increase their stress or anxiety. By not taking every precaution to expect and reduce or end buyer anxiety;

  • from the elements in your value proposition
  • to the type of communication messages you impart on your website
  • to the content on the Web forms, you present to them
  • to the actions, you ask them to take at your site

…all are critical to breaking down the barriers to turning your potential sales prospects into buyers.

So how do you construct business-to-business website content that will reduce buyer stress? Well, it is always smart to put yourself in the shoes of buying your business-to-business product or service. What would you like to experience that would reduce your buyer anxiety?

Third Principal – Content Is Everything

There are a few ways to improve your problem/solution content to enhance visitor conversions that are easy to put in place.

  • Being specific about quantifying your value proposition claims is one such way. If you claim quality, add detailed content that conveys reassurance of this claim to your visitors like a “no-hassle” guarantee. If you assert reliability, be sure to insert comments from your satisfied clients.

  • Reassuring your visitors with visuals and text at the point of action you want them to take on your web pages will help.

  • Content can also aid in reducing buyer anxiety. Using comparison charts, not requiring a credit card, or if requiring a credit card explain why. Offer instant download, and no set-up fees are all excellent ways of reducing the potential stress of visitor participation.


A business-to-business website with content that converts visitors begins with understanding it is vital to help people find the solutions they seek. You don’t want to use sales copy on your site if your purpose is to convert sales prospects to customers. Overcoming buyer anxiety by using your value proposition and customer-centric content that reduces buyer stress is paramount to turning website visitors into leads and customers.

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