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How to Get B2B Sales Prospects Without Risk!

By: Robert Hennessey

How to Get B2B Sales Prospects Without Risk!

The role B2B sales lead prospecting plays in helping a B2B manufacturer expand sales into a new industry market. 

Executive Brief 

An international P-O-P display manufacturer wanted to open new accounts and expand their business. They needed a fast method to reach new prospective customers but wanted to stand out from the crowd and achieve measurable results. Their goals for their marketing campaign were: 

  • Eliminate “Just Send Literature” responses on replies 
  • Entice prospective clients to become informed about their products & services 
  • Help prospects to self-qualify themselves 
  • Obtain 50% closable “ready-to-buy” sales leads for their sales force 
  • Keep lead costs under $250/lead and pay only for performance

Their measure of success was easy to understand … “Ready-to-buy” pre-qualified sales contacts that wanted to meet with their sales force. To accomplish their objectives they employed a unique marketing tool for reaching the “real buyers” of products and services in B2B vertical niche markets. The results: 75% closable sales leads at a cost of around $100.00 per sales lead.

Problem Summary

Creative Marketing Inc. (CMI) is a successful point-of-purchase display manufacturer that had developed a broad client base in the merchandising display heavy flooring industry. Recently, they wanted to expand their customer base to other industries, but how?

Sales expansion in any new market or industry is not easy. Especially, when CMI had not established any client relationships or produced any displays for the new markets they sought to expand placing CMI squarely in a marketing conundrum.

Expanding into new markets can be very costly, take protracted periods of time and never come with any guarantees of success. For these reasons CMI weighed various marketing options but wanted to be sure that if the marketing method they choose were unsuccessful, they would not waste substantial dollars only to come up empty.

They decided on using IndustryArchive.Org because it was substantially more cost-effective concerning producing and delivering their marketing message, plus the unique focus on getting their message to a targeted B2B market was important to them. But having a pay for performance business model that assured success without financial risk was the clincher.

After much research and evaluation, CMI chooses IndustryArchive.Org. Why because they offered a number of unique differences to their competition most importantly:

  • Guaranteed High-Quality, Verified B2B Sales Leads 
  • Pay-For-Performance Sales Lead Acquisition 
  • Measurable ROI

CMI believed that they would have to reach their audience with more than the promise of the usual sales benefits of price, quality, and delivery to break through the opposing wall of buyers’ indifference. Because IndustryArchive.Org uses problem/solution selling that speaks to the customer in the way that benefits the customer first, they believed this would give them the best opportunity to demonstrate a substantial differentiation between CMI and everybody else vying for the attention of their potential buyers.

Besides, respecting their customers has always been important to CMI and IndustryArchive.Org use of consultative communication content offered the most obvious solution for conveying the CMI sales philosophy. The results were incredible with many clients with whom they had no relationship with asking CMI to contact them for meetings.

People are Saying

"We were skeptical at first that IndustryArchive.Org actually could meet the high expectations we were looking for, but they delivered as promised. We can’t sell our products and services unless we get a chance dialogue with our clients. Using IndustryArchive.Org, our sales people were dumbfounded having prospective clients asking to see them for sales meetings!"

Mr. John Berkman, President, Creative Marketing Display Inc. Pittsburgh, PA.

"When Creative Marketing Inc. came to us and said, ok prove it, we did! We were delighted with the results they achieved with our service. It just proves our philosophy of putting our customer and our customer’s customer first pays big dividends, and everybody wins."

Mr. Robert J. Hennessey, Editor of IndustryArchive.Org.

Getting Started

The only tools you will need are a computer with Internet access to take advantage of the IndustryArchive.Org service.

Steps to Getting Started

1. To move from typical B2B sales leads to high-quality IntelliLeads begins with contacting IndustryArchive.Org.

2. You will need to determine which type of content marketing message is appropriate for your target audience. IndustryArchive.Org offers six marketing message templates. These proprietary sets of content models excel in convincing prospects to become “ready-to-buy” IntelliLeads™.

  • Application Stories 
  • Articles
  • Case Studies 
  • Market Research
  • Press Releases
  • Product/Service Profile
  • White Papers

3. Once you select which of the content marketing types is right for telling your story, you need to decide where to obtain your content. You may have existing content as the ones above that can be easily converted to the IndustryArchive.Org formats. If not, you will need to identify sources within your organization by contacting sales representatives or customers that can provide information about how your firm went about solving new or existing business problems, developing new solutions that helped your clients.

4. Next, create your content using the IndustryArchive.Org with the step-by-step tutorials on their website they provide to guide you, you can have a PR agency or freelance writer create the story for you, or you can have IndustryArchive.Org provide a total turnkey content marketing solution for you including writing and posting your content.

Once you have posted your first business content, begin to think about all the other business problems facing your customers that your company and its products or services provide solutions to every day. Remember you can post as many business solution types as you want at no charge. This is how you build an effective content marketing machine that generates a consistent flow of IntelliLeads. 

Is It For You?

IndustryArchive.Org is the perfect B2B sales lead generation solution for connecting with buyers in business-to-business markets or industries where the need is to:

  • Sell consultative or complex products or services 
  • Deal with purchase cycles of one month to two years 
  • Sell products or services with annual sales of $2,000 to 50 million plus dollars 
  • Obtain sales meetings with customers to close a sale

All business selling to other businesses regardless of type & size would benefit from using IntelliLeads.

For Achieving:

  • Increased Sales 
  • Improved Market Penetration 
  • Expansion Into New Markets
  • Improved Productivity & Measurable ROI 
  • Successful Sales Lead Generation 
  • Pricing Acceptance 
  • Selling Expense Reduction

Businesses that could benefit from using IndustryArchive.Org are just about any from manufacturing to distribution, services and communications and any size business from SOHO to Small Business to large Enterprise companies. So while you are taking care of business, IndustryArchive.Org is developing an initial rapport with prospects that are seeking the business solutions you offer.

Solution Brief

IndustryArchive.Org is an intelligent method for reaching the “real buyers” of products and services in B2B markets. First, the right prospects for your products and services are enticed with proprietary content marketing templates. Second, high probability prospects are informed problem solution content. Finally, IntelliLeads™ deliver 50% closable sales leads.

IntelliLeads™ offer an unmatched value proposition including:

  • High Quality “Ready-to-Buy” 50% Closable IntelliLeads™
  • Pay Only for Performance B2B Sales Leads 
  • Measurable ROI 
  • FREE Back Links to Your Web Site! 
  • FREE Hosting of your Business Content 
  • FREE IntelliReports™ 

The IntelliLeads™ measure of success is “ready-to-buy” verified sales contacts that asked to be contacted by you.

Looking Closer

IntelliLeads are the end result of a total concept sales lead generation system. IndustryArchive.Org aggregates and empowers B2B professionals in search of business solutions. Here B2B buyers learn and acquire information for making informed purchase decisions, without annoying ads or invading their privacy.

Visitors respond to high-quality content and self-qualify themselves to Sponsors of the content at the site. IndustryArchive.Org does not produce generic traffic; it delivers in-the-market traffic, qualified business buyers and IntelliLeads that result in higher conversion rate sales ratios. With IntelliLeads, buyers choose to become sales leads and ask you to contact them.

In addition, IntelliLeads contain complete and accurate contact data, plus critical information with insights into the customers’ reason for wanting to be contacted. The best part is that IntelliLeads are at least 50% closeable because they already have an interest in your firm and asked you to contact them!

Client Value Proposition

  • Ready-to-Buy 50% Closable IntelliLeads
  • Pay Only for Performance, Increase Your Sales Closing Ratios 
  • Measurable ROI


  • FREE Back Links to Your Web Site 
  • FREE Hosting of your Business Content 
  • FREE IntelliReports on Performance of Your Business Content

IntelliLeads Differences

  • They are not subjective; you pay only for leads that meet 5 objective criteria.
  • They are not typical sales leads that are more than just name captures & addresses.
  • They are not costly like ordinary DM programs you find online or offline.
  • They allow calculation of real ROI, not how many opens your email gets as the measure of success.

Manage your IntelliLeads & Business Content Easily…

  • Use Business Content templates that generate IntelliLeads 
  • Easy cut & paste actions create your message and images 

IntelliLeads Guarantee 

  1. You only pay for high-quality IntelliLeads.
  2. There is No Charge for any lead that does not meet our 5 objective criteria.
  3. All "Just send Literature" leads are FREE!

Unique Benefits

IndustryArchive.Org is the intelligent solution to solving the number one business problem of generating B2B sales leads. It is also effective in acquiring new customers, opening new markets, and expanding existing markets. Specifically, it provides a service to generate high quality; verified B2B sales leads called IntelliLeads™. What makes IntelliLeads unique? You get:

  • Verified, B2B Sales Leads that Ask for You to Contact Them
  • No Risk, You Pay Only for Performance, You Decide the Sales Leads You Want to Buy
  • Increased Sales Closing Ratios 
  • Measurable Return On Investment on Your Marketing Spend

IndustryArchive.Org is a marketing services firm. We help business-to-business firms of all sizes sell more products or services through content marketing using today’s technology mediums. We offer a variety of marketing services including:

  • Lead Generating 
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Content/Copywriting
  • Web Marketing & Promotion
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