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How To Connect Retailers & On-Ground Sales Force easily with Field Sales Automation App

By: Cygneto

How To Connect Retailers & On-Ground Sales Force easily with Field Sales Automation App

Cygneto field sales bring you a sales app strategy created for the success of the business. The app provides a systematic format to go about business and organizes it. Transitions and filtering can also be addressed with such a unit. 

Here are some of the challenges faced by retailers and how they can help organize processes and approaches:

Challenge #1: Ordering

Since this is the digital age of ordering and most of the orders are placed online, it is important to maintain a database of the same. Cygneto Field Sales Automation App helps maintain a record of all orders digitally and brings all stakeholders on the same platform. Retailers need not worry about manually updating order details as the Cygneto app also makes cataloging possible through sales team carrying this app.

Challenge #2: Updates

When running a business, it is important to make sure that every single process is in synchronization with every other process. Retailers often find it difficult to update stocks as there are a lot of manual entries required during the process. Additionally, this process gets even more difficult as the size of the business increases. On the other hand, Cygneto sales app enables users to do the stock update within the app while their visit to the respective retailer. This information will be available to all stockiest, distributors, and management – thus resulting in a connected network of products, consumers, distributors, and stockists.

Challenge #3: Reporting

Cygneto Field Sales helps distributors and stockists in making sure that the various different sales reports can be made available to easily access all information needed by managers to take steps to improve revenue. Additionally, these reports will help businesses maintain a record of their own business decisions. Through daily, weekly and monthly statistical reporting, strategic decisions can be improved.

Challenge #4: Routes and Tracking

The Cygneto app helps businesses route their various on-ground sales employees by devising routes based on addresses fed into the system. The app will help allocate the routes to sales team member and save time and manual labor. The app will thus enable the manager to know how an order is progressing. They will be able to track daily expenses made by the sales team and thus keep a check on all business processes on one platform.

Analysis reports provided by the app are helpful in providing statistical insights. Key performance indicators are reviewed and analyzed to emphasize on the business strategy and to provide better sales support. Cygneto Field Sales provides the best services to bridge the gap between retailers and sales force teams across businesses.

This article originally appeared on the Cygneto Blog

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