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Does Your Business Need a Personalized Field Force Management Software?

By: Cygneto

Does Your Business Need a Personalized Field Force Management Software?

Business and mobile technology have amalgamated into one unit. Mobile technology plays the lead role in managing field force management teams. When we talk about the importance of Field Force Management, also referred to as Field Sales Management, we are referring to the issues faced by the companies which need to manage installation, orders, schedule jobs and deliveries, manage field sales personnel, etc.

With a wide range of applications of Field Sales Management Software, it becomes essential for firms to invest in developing custom field force management software. By using a Field Force Management Software, businesses can bring about a revolutionary change in their firm’s operational and organizational structure.

How does Sales Force Management Software Work?

Growing demand for mobile solutions has ignited the creation of field force management software. This software empowers field sales executives to instantly record newly placed orders and enables managers to create tasks and assign them to their field sales team. The field force management software generally consists of two parts – a web dashboard and a mobile application.

Administrators can use the web dashboard to manage user profiles and create & delete users. They can manage and monitor routes to fix a time frame for delivery. Features like adding/updating/deleting products and managing orders are also available to better monitor sales. Daily activities of retailers, vendors, and merchants are also made visible which enables managers to manage their sales channels in a more efficient way.

The mobile application enables field sales executives to select a route of their choosing and can send emails and SMSes to stockists and their company upon booking orders. Inbuilt complaint registration feature enables executives to update their team manager after receiving complaints from clients. These apps also offer features like taking surveys, stock monitoring, and payment collection.

Some of the important features that a Field Force Management Software must have are:

Booking Orders and Dispatching Tasks
The purpose of a field force management software is to create a platform where managers and executives are aware of all new orders and bookings. While selecting a software, look for one which provides a portal where sales executives can take orders directly through the app, and managers can dispatch tasks.

Instant Updates
When an order is booked, or a task is assigned, it is essential to update regarding the same to all stakeholders – customers, field sales executive, stockist and distributor, and the company itself. These updates may be sent via SMSes, emails or both.

Direct Reporting
Managers should be able to keep an eye on all activities made by their team at all times through direct reports in the form of order bookings, GPS location, field sales visits, etc. The system should also be able to generate MIS reports. These reports are customized reports made through surveys and customer behavior and can help management devise future business strategies.

A field force management software is incomplete without integration with major ERP, CRM and back-end systems. The goal is to bring all answerable departments on one platform and increase the performance of the entire firm.

Why should you opt for Field Force Management Software?

Field Force Management software has the power to integrate efficient workflow models in your business. Mobile solutions streamline work processes. Businesses can find out the location of their executives, vehicles, keep track of driver logs and locations, driver logs and hours of service. Some of the major advantages of Field Force Management software are:

1. Real-time analysis of field sales tasks and statuses

2. Increased rate at which complaints are being resolved

3. Reduced paper work and thus supplementing managers with enough time to focus on business development strategies.

4. Shorter bill cycles

5. Increased performance of your field sales team

6. Maintaining a healthy record of all e-audit trails

7. Easier tracking of payments

8. Easier access to product catalog

Choosing a Field Force Management Software

While you’re choosing a Field Force Management Software, keep in mind the following important points about the structure of the solution you’re looking to operate; 

  • Security
  • User Friendliness
  • Custom Features
  • Speed
  • Efficiency

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