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5 Ways Pay-for-Performance Qualified B2B Sales Leads Increase Lead Gen ROI

By: Robert Hennessey

5 Ways Pay-for-Performance Qualified B2B Sales Leads Increase Lead Gen ROI

How to Increase Marketing ROI & Sales with Qualified B2B Sales Leads

According to a recent study, pay-for-performance B2B sales leads produce a significantly higher ROI for marketers than traditional lead generation methods. The study found that pay-for-performance leads generated almost twice as many conversions as leads from other sources. If you're looking to increase your marketing ROI, pay-for-performance B2B sales leads may be the answer you've been looking for!

But just like many other things you need to know the value and the costs associated with the many different so-called pay-for-performance sales lead services to achieve ROI success.

How Pay-for-Performance B2B Sales Leads Work 

There are many variations on pay-for-performance b2b sales leads. Generally, they are a type of sales lead generation where marketers pay for leads that have been verified and qualified as opposed to just name and contact information leads that are not verified or qualified. And with some services you only pay when a lead turns into a paying customer. This makes pay-for-performance leads a low or no-risk investment for marketers, as they're only paying for leads that are valuable to their business.

Explaining what constitutes success for the IndustryArchive.Org Pay-For-Performance model for B2B marketers Robert Hennessey, Editor said, “it is simple, verified, B.A.N.T. quality sales leads that ask for engagement contact. That’s a real sales lead!.” 

What's the Typical Cost of Pay-for-Performance B2B Sales Leads?

The cost of pay-for-performance sales leads varies depending on the lead generation company you choose and the nature of your campaign. However, pay-for-performance leads are generally more expensive than other types of leads. This is because pay-for-performance leads are qualified leads that are more likely to convert into actual sales. 

Here are Some CPL (cost per lead) Comparisons for Generating B2B Sales Leads

CPL (cost per lead) Comparisons for Generating B2B Sales Leads

Prices: (Source)

* Lead Sources where qualified B2B lead cost is most likely represented by the High-cost range because the average is skewed by non-qualified leads likely represented by the Low range. 

The best gauge of b2b sales leads costs is your own. What does it cost your firm to generate a qualified B2B sales lead?

Besides lead cost how do pay-for-performance b2b sales leads compare versus other types of sales lead types, comparing lead quality, conversion percentages, customer acquisition cost, and average dollar sale?

Pay-for-Performance Qualified B2B Sales Leads Versus Unqualified  Leads

When it comes to paying for performance b2b leads versus other types of leads, pay-for-performance b2b leads generally have a higher lead quality.

This is because pay-for-performance leads are assumed to be verified and qualified leads that are most likely to convert into sales. In addition, pay-for-performance b2b leads typically have a higher conversion percentage than other types of leads. And lastly, pay for performance b2b leads tend to have a lower customer acquisition cost and generate higher average dollar sales.

What's the Best Way to Generate Pay-for-Performance Sales Leads?

The best way to generate pay-for-performance sales leads is to partner with a pay-for-performance lead generation service. Lead generation companies specialize in generating high-quality leads that convert into sales, so they're the perfect partner for businesses looking to increase their sales and ROI.

Best Practices of Obtaining Pay-for-Performance B2B Sales Leads 

  1. Pay-for-Performance B2B Sales Leads are all about Quality vs. Quantity 
    Pay-for-performance sales leads by their nature are supposed to be quality orientated. They should be verified and qualified sales leads. There is a lot of confusion because some lead companies sell both B2B and B2C sales leads and they often comingle the benefits of each to their favor. Therefore, if someone tells you they can deliver high volumes of pay-for-performance qualified sales leads they know this is what you want to hear. Just know they will not be quality leads. To verify the truth.

    Ask yourself how big is my potential target audience and it will help you start to realize how many real prospects you have to sell. If your b2b market is 50,000 businesses worldwide and the replacement cycle is 3 to 5 years and the purchase cycle is 18 months then in any given year the real number of sales prospects is approximately only 6,250 firms. From this number then apply your market share say 25% to arrive at how many total sales are available to you in any year. The number is small about 1,562 you cannot get multiple thousands of legitimate qualified B2B sales leads.

    If your target audience was millions or tens of millions of potential customers that would say you should just get all the quantity contact form sales leads you can. But your universe of sales prospects is smaller and purchases differently than B2C.

  2. Is the Content Used to Attract Prospects Free?  
    This means no registration, no ads, and now no cookie tracking or privacy invasion techniques are used to capture their b2b sales leads.

    Ask how the lead generation company goes about the process of generating their b2b sales leads. Content marketing is a proven method to engage serious prospects and convince them to become sales leads. Ask them if the content they use is free to the prospect. Trading a content download for contact information is not free. The prospect is trading their privacy and contact information, a form of Web currency for the download.

    Caution: Lead firms that use tactics of gating content to capture so-called b2b sales leads usually do not verify the prospect's contact information other than verifying the email address as a real email address and the company name, they have captured as being a legitimate company. Most do not contact the prospects to phone verify their complete contact information and reason for completing the contact form.

    IMPORTANT: Remember a real sales lead is a qualified prospect that has an interest in your product or services and is asking to be contacted and willingly provides accurate and complete contact information.

  3. Does the lead company understand the B2B Buyers Journey?  
    If they start talking about providing b2b sales leads at all levels of the b2b sales funnel they do not know what they are talking about. The old b2b sale funnel where you start at the top and contact prospects continually doesn’t work today. B2b prospects are not waiting for you to sell them anything. Supplier selection is the last step in the b2b buyers’ journey.

    Understanding the B2B Buyers” Journey in Complex High-Cost Sales 

    Step 1. Problem Identification & Quantification
    Step 2. Researching to Solve the Problem
    Step 3. Determining Value of Internal Stakeholders in Problem/Solution
    Step 4. Requirements Building in Defining a Solution
    Step 5. Supplier Criteria & Evaluation Research
    Step 6. Final Supplier Selection Process  

    Gartner’s research finds that when B2B buyers are considering a purchase‚ they spend only 17% of that time meeting with potential suppliers. When buyers are comparing multiple suppliers‚ the amount of time spent with anyone sales rep may be only 5% or 6%. Source: (Gartner)

  4. Make Sure You Can View the B2B Sales Lead Before You Purchase 
    Do you get a chance to view the lead minus the contact information before you decide to purchase the lead? If you can view the lead and there is not enough information to decide if the lead is worthy of purchase do not buy it because it isn’t. All you are likely buying is an overpriced contact lead.

  5. When Choosing a Pay-for-Performance Lead Generation Company, be sure to do Your Research. 
    Make sure the company you choose is offering B.A.N.T. quality sales leads that can convert into sales. Also, make sure the company is reputable and trustworthy.

The Benefits of Pay-for-Performance Sales Leads 
There are several benefits of pay-for-performance sales leads that make them an attractive option for marketers looking to increase their ROI.

First, pay-for-performance leads are a low-risk investment.
You should only pay for leads where their contact information has been verified and their interest in your products or services has been qualified. The best pay-for-performance b2b sales leads are where the prospect has asked to be contacted regarding your products or services so you're not wasting your money on leads that are not verified and qualified.

Caution: Someone completing a form to download content is not a verified or qualified lead.

Second, pay-for-performance leads are a great way to increase your ROI.
The study mentioned earlier found that pay-for-performance leads generated almost twice as many conversions as leads from other sources.

Third, pay-for-performance leads are a great way to target high-quality leads.
Because you're only paying for qualified sales leads that convert into sales at a higher propensity, you can be sure that you're getting quality leads that are interested in your product or service.

Fourth, pay-for-performance leads are an effective way to scale your business.
As your business grows, you'll need qualified leads to continue generating sales. Pay-for-performance leads can help you do this by providing a steady stream of high-quality leads that are most likely to convert into sales.

Last but not least, pay-for-performance leads are an effective way to save time and money.
With pay-for-performance leads, you don't have to waste your time and money on leads that don't convert into sales. This frees up your time so you can focus on other aspects of your business, and it saves you money that you would otherwise spend on sales leads that don't produce sales.

To recap, pay-for-performance b2b sales leads can positively impact your ROI by…

  • Reducing or Eliminating Waste on Marketing Spend for Non-Qualified Sales Leads 
  • On Average Producing Twice as Many Sales Conversions vs. Other Lead Types
  • Generating Higher Average Dollar Sales vs. Other Lead Types
  • Reducing Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Increasing Customer Lifetime Value Due to Higher Dollar Sales


Overall, pay-for-performance b2b leads are a better option than other types of sales lead types. If you're looking for qualified, high-quality leads that convert the best, pay-for-performance b2b leads are the way to go.

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