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B2B Sales Leads
No-Risk, Human-Verified

IntelliLeads - Qualified B2B Sales Leads -
Pay Only on Your Satisfaction

Our unique B2B qualified sales leads we call  IntelliLeads are ideal for obtaining buyers in B2B markets that require:

  • Selling consultative or complex business products or services

  • Service Purchase cycles of one month to two years

  • Selling products or services that sell for $2,000 to millions of dollars

  • Obtaining sales meetings with customers to close a sale

Benefits of IntelliLeads

  1. Our B2b Sales Leads are Human Verified for Your 

  2. B2B Sales Leads that Ask You to Contact Them

  3. You Decide the B2B Sales Leads You Want to Buy

  4. Guaranteed Satisfaction! 

Unmatched Value

  • No Risk, Verified, B2B Qualified Sales Leads

  • Increase Your Sales Closing Ratios

  • Lower Your Customer Acquisition Cost & Marketing Spend

  • Measurable Return On Investment 

 Get Verified, B.A.N.T. Quality B2B Sales Leads & No Risk.

B.A.N.T. Quality B2B Sales Leads

Typical B2B Sales Leads vs. IntelliLeads - B2B Qualified Sales leads

Critical Questions
Typical B2B Sales Leads
What are they?Simple name & email contact informationReady-to-Buy, Pre-Qualified B2B Sales Leads Who Want to Meet, With You!
What do you get?Unverified, often inaccurate contact information,
no insight into what the prospect wants and where they are in the purchase cycle
Verified, Contact Information,
with a timing of Need (30, 60, 90 days) Plus...
Critical Insight Into Why the Sales Prospect 
is Contacting You!
Best of All - Pay Only on Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!
What are they worth?Almost Nothing!Priceless!