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B2B IntelliLeads Example

B.A.N.T. Quality, Guaranteed Actionable B2B Sales Leads

The Worlds Best B2B Sales Leads

IntelliLeads are pre-qualified b2b sales leads that are "ready-to-buy" with pre-contact sales intelligence. Get started for free and only pay for the leads you decide to purchase.

IntelliLeads Five Objective Criteria

Learn the five objective criteria, the benefits, and guarantee that define IntelliLeads. IntelliLeads are not ordinary business-to-business sales leads. B2B sales leads, to become IntelliLeads must meet all of the following five objective criteria.

  1. Verified, Legitimate Contact Information: Name, Title, Company, Email & Phone 
  2. Specific Product/Service Request 
  3. Specific Application or Problem to Solve 
  4. Specific Method of Contact: Phone or Email  
  5. Timing of Need: (ASAP, 10, 30, 60, 90, 120 days)


  • Pre-qualified customers that ask for you to contact them 
  • Complete and accurate contact data, they voluntarily relinquish their contact information 
  • Pre-Contact Sales Intelligence, providing insight into their reason for wanting contact 
  • Contacts that are "ready-to-Buy" with stated timing of a need (10, 30, 60, 90 days) 
  • You only pay for high-quality IntelliLeads that meet these criteria!

Our Guarantee

  • IntelliLeads are not subjective 
    • We deliver & charge only, for high-quality, actionable IntelliLeads that meet five objective criteria.

  • IntelliLeads are not typical B2B sales leads
    • Pay Only for Performance! You get to decide if you Want to purchase an IntelliLead.
  • IntelliLeads are not expensive
    • You never pay for just name captures or email addresses, plus…"Just Send Literature"  or Contact Us Leads Are FREE!

  • Our Only Measure of Success
    • Ready-to-Buy" pre-qualified sales contacts that want to meet with you!    

World's best b2b sales leads
IntelliLead 5
Contact Information
1. Verified
Verified Contact

Name: John Smith
Title: President
XYZ Company, Inc. 

Email: jsmith@xyz.com 
Phone: 999-888-1234

2. Product/Service

VOIP Conferencing
model # _______
and __________

3. Application or
Problem to Solve

Telemedicine audio &
visual data security
& compatibility
equipment issues are

outdated currently using
vendor X model #
4. Requested
Method of Contact

Respond by phone

5. Timing of Need 30 days