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Content Marketing that is Easy & Affordable!

We deliver B2B buyers to you.

  • No expensive SEO Traffic building 
  • No expensive & tedious software to learn 
  • No expensive writing costs or time wasted creating hundreds of blog articles 
  • No expensive & time wasting content management & distribution required
  • No paying for sales leads unless you approve them before you pay

How We Do It

We give you the tools and support for implementing the four steps necessary for creating buyer engagement.

B2B Content Marketing 4-Steps to Success

B2B Content Marketing 4-Steps to Success

Steps 1-3

We will create relevant useful content for you or you can do-it-yourself. This content needs to demonstrate how you solve the problems of your best, existing clients. No clients no problem we will use your thought leadership and insights into how your business solution would work versus existing solutions.                 

The key here is you will want to have quality not quantity in a variety of content choices and mediums to satisfy the way different people prefer to consume their information. This will include 4 to 8 or more pieces of problem solution content.               

Recommended Problem/Solution Content Types
Learning Preferences:
Content Types:
Application Stories
Case Studies
Market Research
Press Releases
Product/Service Profiles
White Papers

Step-4 Message Distribution

To capitalize on efficient content marketing, you want to have your business solution content reside at an engagement platform that serves B2B professionals exclusively. IndustryArchive is that "hub" of B2B information and quality business solutions. It attracts business buyers naturally through their searches for useful, quality business content that buyers are searching to find.           

Rather than solely promote content marketing to the masses of business people who are trying to evade you or block you out, we help your company "get found" by business people already anxious to learn about and find solutions that you might offer in your business.                 

IndustryArchive is an inbound marketing magnet that harnesses the collective drawing power of all the quality information from diverse experts in many industries on how to solve everyday business problems. The result is a swarm of serious B2B buyers seeking products and services in one centralized marketplace of practical problem/solution ideas.        

Why Our B2B Engagement Platform Works For B2B Buyers

Historically having been harassed, targeted and hassled, Buyers now use Self-Directed Marketing to find their business solutions before ever contacting or accepting contact with a Seller. The facts are overwhelming.                 

  • 70% of the buying process is now complete by the time a prospective buyer is ready to engage with sales. (SiriusDecisions)

  • Today's buyer is anywhere from 66% to 90% of the way through their journey before they reach out to a vendor! (Forrester Research - Lori Wizdo)

  • 90% of business buyers say when they're ready to buy, they'll find you. (DemandGen Report)

We know B2B content marketing is a far superior method to increase sales because it does the most important work for you in the B2B, consultative, selling process – initial rapport building. When buyers learn about your business solutions and company organically, they are already building initial rapport with your firm. And we all know without initial rapport, you go nowhere; with it, you have a real opportunity to make sales.             

Best of all we will showcase your content on our Global B2B Business Solution Platform in your own customized marketing resource hub.             

What Is An Marketing Resource Hub?

Built for B2B companies our Resource Hub puts the value of your serious business content front and center for your buyers. A Resource Hub properly populated will provide buyers with a chosen handful of your best content on industry topics that are relevant and useful on how you solve business problems that matter most to your target audience. Buyers will easily access your marketing content, and convert to B.A.N.T. quality sales leads all in one place.                    

Now Engage B2B Buyers with Your Quality Business Solutions