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Real-Time, Cloud WFM Enables Fast Growth at Support Services Group

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Real-Time, Cloud WFM Enables Fast Growth at Support Services Group

Support Services Group is a Texas-based business process outsourcing (BPO) partner that offers a wealth of services on behalf of clients in sectors as diverse as retail, restaurant, automotive and utilities. The company’s top priority is to develop strong partnerships with clients, acting as an extension of their brand. Support Services Group delivers different types of customer service including technical support, help desk services, e-commerce and return activities, B2B and B2C sales support in multiple languages and communication channels.

To do this, the organization operates a network of five contact centers located across the United States, Canada and Latin America where agents strive to deliver first-class service on every call. Innovation lies at the heart of everything Support Services Group does and it is continually finding new ways to enhance the consumer experience.

Focus on WFM to support fast business growth

In recent years, Support Services Group has undergone a period of rapid growth and doubled the number of staff operating the company’s international contact centers from around 150 to over 300 agents today. The majority of agents work on a full-time basis and handle a large number of voice calls and email interactions, typically between 5,000 and 8,000 on weekdays and on average 5,000 and 3,000 calls on Saturdays and Sundays respectively. The duration of calls reflects the diversity of the organization’s business with each call lasting from 3 to 15 minutes depending on the customer.

Support Services Group turned to Teleopti to accommodate its large, complex contact center operation and support future business expansion. Kimberley MacKinnonVP Workforce Management at Support Services Group explains:

“We are a people-centric organization that is proud of the way we are changing the contact center paradigm through our unique delivery network and we are determined to stay one step ahead as our business grows. This makes our ability to manage multiple agent skills and shifts to scale our operations quickly and efficiently, a critical success factor. The time had come to review our approach to Workforce Management along with the underlying supporting technology. This involved bringing our scheduling and forecasting activities back in-house by creating a dedicated team of WFM experts and deploying a new cloud-based technology solution from Teleopti.”

Small team, big responsibilities, one single solution

Agents at Support Services Group are a talented mixture of multi-skilled people who serve all customers and queue types in English, Spanish and French. Four experts within the newly formed virtual WFM team use the full Teleopti WFM Cloud platform to schedule up to 320 agents across five locations and four different ti me zones in the USA and the Dominican Republic. The clear visibility provided by the software enables this small team of people to build 12 different shifts based on agent availability over a 12-hour window while incorporating one day off on a Saturday or Sunday and a floating day off during the week. They are also able to share tasks and workloads easily and transition projects among team members seamlessly.

Simplicity overcomes complexity

As a large and complex BPO contact center operation, Support Group Services relies on the simplicity of Teleopti WFM Cloud for flexibility. The organization can add new skills, agents and clients quickly and efficiently. Plus, the approval rate on vacation requests is infinitely faster, a process that was formerly outsourced and very time-consuming.

Kimberley MacKinnon continues, “Our previous system was a lot more challenging and complicated to use. With Teleopti WFM Cloud installed, managers and supervisors simply click on a button to access all the information they need to support their clients and manage their teams effectively. At the same time, agents can access the MyTime module on their mobile devices to get real-time updates of their schedules, check breaks and lunches, ask for time off, request when they want their floating day or trade shifts. It’s dramatically transformed work-life balance and improved daily operations for everyone.”

Real-time control boosts productivity

Teleopti Intraday Management and Real-Time Adherence modules have yielded the greatest benefits. Linked directly to the organization’s automated call distributor (ACD) system, the modules provide an accurate, real-time view of the agents and overall contact center activity, enabling managers to track schedules against forecasts and then make quick and meaningful adjustments to meet agreed client service level agreements (SLAs).

“Productivity is a big thing for us. We have to prove to clients that we are efficient and effective and to senior management that we’re servicing our clients well. ”

Kimberley added:

The results so far

The Teleopti WFM Cloud implementation has demonstrably supported Support Service Group’s complex and large-scale environment of multiple clients, programs, call volumes and agent skill sets. In particular, the system’s outstanding user-friendliness, web access and multi-skill scheduling top the list of WFM functionality as currently deployed. Real-time adherence to schedules also enhances service levels and customer satisfaction. Combined, these features benefit the whole company and have already proven to increase productivity by 5% in a short amount of time.

Furthermore, the accuracy of the data held in Teleopti WFM Cloud enables Support Services Group to calculate the exact number of hours required to support different customer programs and service levels, improve client billing, avoid overstaffing and minimize agent idle time.

Why Teleopti?

Support Services Group selected cloud-based software from Teleopti for its advanced reporting and web-based capabilities. Additionally, the simplicity and intuitiveness of the software, as evidenced during the initial product demonstrations, also appealed to the company. These combined attributes assure the organization that Teleopti is the perfect technology partner to support the diversity of its business where shared agent teams use their varied skill sets to support multiple customer programs.

Kimberley concluded,

“The implementation of Teleopti WFM Cloud has realized a series of tangible benefits. Real-time, dynamic data puts team leaders in complete control of their contact center environment and empowers them to manage their teams effectively while advanced scheduling and forecasting encourage a healthy work-life balance that increases agent satisfaction.

Plans for the future

As Support Services Group continues to grow, Kimberley MacKinnon and her team can see the potential for new programs such as the introduction of social media channels. Teleopti WFM Cloud has the ability to schedule agents for Webchat, social media, voice and social media to create a WFM framework that maximizes talent, adds increased efficiencies to facilitate future business expansion.

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