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25 Tips To Build Your Business Through Offline Marketing

By: Downtown Decorations

25 Tips To Build Your Business Through Offline Marketing

For all you can do with marketing on the Internet, there is still a lot you cannot do. Sure, you can stream live video promoting your brand, and have it seen by your social media followers, but you cannot shake hands with anyone watching afterward. 

You can push your latest newsletter into thousands of inboxes, but you will not grab anyone’s attention the same way you can with a strategically placed billboard or banner. You can start a hashtag that goes viral, but that will not promote as much goodwill with your community as will sponsoring a local Little League team. Although it is true that spending on Internet marketing continues to rise, businesses are doing themselves a disservice by putting all of their eggs in one digital basket.

As easy and effective as online marketing is, the fact remains that offline marketing remains just as important for businesses. We may spend a lot of our time online, but the Internet still has its limitations. Even though people seem to have their eyes glued to screens more often than not, we still live in a tactile, physical world that is rife with opportunities to connect with potential customers. In the rush to be on the cutting edge of technology, however, a lot of businesses have forgotten about the important role offline marketing plays in their efforts.

For example, giving away promotional items such as pens or water bottles might seem a lot less flashy than a live webinar with thousands of people from around the world watching, but even something as small as a business card creates a tactile connection in the minds of customers that even the slickest Internet presentation cannot match. Likewise, participating in a trade show or a speaking engagement gives you the opportunity to make a real connection with a relatively small group of people compared to a followers list in the thousands, but the connections you make in the real world are sure to be more meaningful to your business than those created by simply clicking the “like” button under a tweet.

It is a good move for businesses to be online and connect to potential customers through the Internet, but it is also important to remember that the Internet is not the end-all, be-all of marketing. The following slideshow lists 25 ways you and your business can continue to make an impact through offline marketing. In today’s increasingly connected world, it is important to remember that you can make connections without being connected to the Internet.

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